Friday, November 12, 2010

Vada Pav Party with Receipe!!

So as everyone knows I and Rashmi went to Inglot today and enroute we picked up some stuff to eat from the famous Vada Pav and Sandwich joints opp. Mithibai College....makes me all nostalgic...used to eat there alot during my college days so I dont miss a single chance I get to eat there, since its not very often that I get such a chance...Anyone of you ever going that side..dont forget to eat the Dosa from the very first stall (my mouth is watering)...if u go slightly ahead...u'll come across Dhiraj where you will get some yummmyyyyy Grill Sandwich and Vada Pav with Butter...yes yes...this guy serves Vada Pav with the pav nicely laden with amul butter :) :) :)

Got some packed for you guys....

Grill Sandwich from the famous stalls opp. Mithibai

Vada Pav with Lasoon chutney

N Heres Rashmi enjoying her Vada Pav...she was soooo busy eating that she didnt even click a pic of mine :(

Now shall we munch on some home made Vada Pav...courtesy my mom :) Wht?? u really thought I was gonna make it :P

Batata Vadas with yummmy coriander chutney

Sorry guys since this party was arranged at a short notice couldnt arrange for any drinks to go alongwith it ;)

Heres the receipe for Vada Pav :

1. Boil Potatoes and then mash them
2. Time to add the masala : Add salt, green chillies and ginger paste, turmeric, little amount of sugar, few drops of lemon juice
3. Now time for the tempering : Take little amt of oil in the small katori used for tadka...once the oil heats up add hing, urad dal and curry leaves and add this tadka to the mashed potatoes
4. Now mix all the masala into the mashed potatoes and make small round balls
5. Take besan in a vessel and add salt and water. Keep the consistency medium..not too thick, neither too thin
6. Now dip the batata vadas into this besan batter and fry thm.
7. Take Ladi pav and cut it into half at the centre till abt more than 3/4. Dont cut the entire pav into half...let it be joint at one end.
8. Apply a nice layer of butter on both sides of the pav. Top it with coriander chutney and then dry lasoon chutney
9. Now place 1 vada on one side of the pav and close the other side...tada...vada pav is ready!!!

P.S You can also fry the left over batter by just sprinkling it in the tastes yummmmm...dont know if I am making sense!!!

N how can I end this post without mentioning some of the best Vada Pav joints in Bombay!!!
~ Stall outside Kirti College, Dadar
~ MM Mithaiwala, Malad 
~ Dhiraj Stall, Opp. Mithibai College, Vile Parle


  1. Looks like u girls had loads of fun! Omg I wanna have some of that!!! :P


  2. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

    me going to try it..but i m awarding you with the laziest blogger ..u asked your mom to do it :D:D...

  3. hahah anu is so righ t i agree :) ... i am still waiting for dhokla .. saab khokla vada ( khokle vaade )

    ohh u know i make nice vada pav and chutny too :)
    u said right hetu we can fry the besan and it taste yumm , what sanjeev kappor told .. and i did that ..
    fry the besan and it will be like boondi add lehsun and red chilli to it add salt and mix in grinder .. and this is ur lausun dry chutny ready

    do try this guys its awesome and quick :)

    m not lazy i love sanjeev kapoor :)

  4. Yeah Cynthia...itsss realllllyyyyy yummmmmm!!! I dont think u get this in Delhi so try making it at home??

  5. I got tired na Anamika :( had to go thru crazyyy traffic to reach Inglot today and then on way back home...infact I think I spent more time travelling than wht I spent at Inglot :( :(

    Try n let me knw how it turned out...

    @ Rashmi : Yeah like boondi...I love to eat that...n I rem ur dhokla ya but u never gimme time na...always end moment plans...need to knw atleast 2-3 days in advance...

  6. hahhaahah okay so i will tell aunty and not u :) .....

  7. HD!!!! What is this?? I am hungry now :( Please don't post such pics especially when you know I cant get my hands on such stuff!!! Tel ur mom she's awesome :)

  8. In Hyderabad there is no traffic :P:P..we enjoy cool winds and yummy dosa :D:D...

    even i got something to praise about :D:D

  9. Aww Appu...trying making it at home na...thats why I gave the receipe so guys like you who stay dont get Vada Pav in their cities can also enjoy this yummmyyy dish!!!

    N thanks dear..will surely tell mom :)

  10. traffic coz there are no places maybe in Hyderabad where ppl wud like to go out they just stay at there wont be trfc :P

  11. n I came to know after reaching home...that horrible trfc was thanks to chat pooja :(

  12. threw a virtual party and now i am wantsssssss..badly.

    I am making it soon..and HD don't forget my Khandvi, puri+aamaras and khakhra+ghee and also garam jalebis.

  13. hehehehe...trying making at home...its simple, even I can make it ;)

    N yes I rem Khandvi, Puri+ aamras, Khakhra...but for that you'll have to come here dear :)

  14. Tell me about it. I have eaten so many times at these joints during my college days (I was at Mithibai) too :)

    Everything looks so yum! & I am so :( that i missed Rashmi & u, I got yr msg late at night. I skipped Inglot on Friday coz of the horrid jam at Juhu. Got late. I went on Saturday, got eyelash glue & duraline :)

  15. Hey HD, .....I am salivaless now........all that drooling has made me dehydrated....I am trying to learn new recipes for my son, I am going to definiately try this...........and thanks Rashmi for that boondi recipe:))

  16. I knw Tanveer...I think you wud miss this plc much more than me..I've spent only 2 years there....sad ya u saw the msg late but thn we anyways could not have met...I was busy yest..was gonna check w u today wht u got from Inglot?? Duraline is becoming like a must-have na!!! Didnt get any blush or face product?

    We shall plan and meet one day at Mithibai only :) and then send pics of all those food items to others :P

  17. hehehe..definately try it Jomol n lemme knw how it turned out...I am sure it will turn out good...its super duper easy..and veryyyy yummmyy

  18. I was planning to get a foundation.. But that SA there *oh gosh*.. there was only one SA there & she was so ill-trained!

    I asked her to help me pick a red lipstick that would go with my skintone and eyes - very intense red lipsticks tend to wash me out - I start to look very pale.

    She was clueless, she just picked out all the red lippies in the store and put them in front of me, telling me you can use any.

    So I requested her again - I asked her "which shade of red would you recommend? What shade would look best on skintones like mines?" - she was blank & then she is like "I don't know, just use any".. So I decided not to take chances with buying foundations - for all I knew I would spend a bomb & land up with the wrong shade. Duraline & eyelash adhesive were safe bets :P

  19. Yes, we'll meet at Mithibai. I'll post pic of the Jenny Special Dosa! :)

  20. ohh God...she actually said..use any!! LOVVVLL!!! Ohh those dosas are making my mouth water now :)


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