Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick Review

Most of us have always associated the brand "Lotus Herbals" with Sunscreens or Skincare...not really makeup...however this brand has entered into the makeup market soem time back with quite some nice and interesting products...It is definately an added advantage that they claim their products to be 100% Vegetarian and Natural. I am going to talk about one such product today...Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick.

Price : Rs. 295 for 4.2 gm

The packaging of these lipsticks is very different from any other standard lipsticks and I find it very classy too. It is dull brownish-golden in colour with the brand name written in gold. It does not have a cover like other lipsticks which has to be removed to twistup the lipstick to use. It just has a golden coloured lid and when you start twisting open the lipstick the lid opens up and a golden color tube which has the lipstick inside pops out..fun na :)

It comes in around 10 shades...the one I have is Sensuous Mauve which is a medium pink shade.

What I like about Lotus Herbals FloralGlam Lipstick :
  • It is very creamy and moisturizing to use. Does not dry out my lips at all. I can even use this without any lipbalm underneath
  • The shade I have is nicely pigmented. I usually apply just one layer for my daily use but you can build up the shade too if reqd.
  • Nice range of shades to choose from. They have some daily wear shades and some dark shades too. 
  • Economically priced @ Rs. 295...wouldnt hurt your pocket at all even if you pick up more than 1 shade
  • It is 100% Vegetarian and Natural
  • The packaging!!! Its Classy and I enjoy using this lipstick !!
  • The staying power is nice. Even after a full meal, it leaves a tint behind on the lips.

What I dont like about Lotus Herbals FloralGlam Lipstick :
  • I dont know whether its the packaging or the creamy texture but I am consciously careful while opening this lipstick. I am scared to handle it roughly.
  • Lotus makeup products are still not that easy to find. I have seen these only at the Beauty Centre..havnt seen it at Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Spencers etc. I wish they were more easily available.

Have you tried any makeup product from Lotus Herbals ?


  1. Hey, so nice this works so well for you, it looks nice & economical too..

    I am gonna skip this as Lotus prdts (skincare & Makeup) somehow never work for me :(

  2. ohhh...thats sad ya since they have some really nice range both in skincare and makeup...wht have u tried from makeup?

  3. I have tried their mascara (which I also reviewed), their Tinted Moisturiser (which was awful - sticky & impossible to blend) & also their compact (too chalky for me)..

    I know their range looks really nice - I have tried their Sheamoist Strawberry lotion, 2-3 different types of sunscreens (gel, lotion) hoping that something would finally suit me, jojoba face wash & their lip balms too..

    Everything was money down the drain for me. I feel so bad at times, it seems to work like magic for everyone else, why only me!!??

  4. looks pretty in tube and the swatch is looking so tempting :) have never seen them yaar .. is it realy hard to find them ??
    i use their sunscreens on hands and they work well for me ..
    hahah give dev also sometimes ( for face)

  5. Ohh...you've explored this brand much more than me...I knw wht u mean...biotique works me like this...not that it doesnt suit me but does nothing gr8 either I mean no incentive for me to use any of their products...maybe sometimes its just that some brand does not suit you...

  6. Its not totally hard to find them Rashmi but not easy too...they are available at beauty stores :) this is one of my fav shades :) wear it quite often

  7. I don see any lotus cosmetics here :(..pretty colour by the way ..

    actually u r not scared lipstick must be scared of you :D

  8. Oh Anamika....Hyderabad will take a loooooong time to catch up with other cities in all this...I feel so sad for u...u miss out on sooo many good things in life :P

  9. Crisp review Hetu...I have never tried lipsticks from Lotus..Guess I need to have atleast one of these :-)

  10. Thanks Poorni :) Yeah you shud explore this more...worth the try I would say :)

  11. amazinggggg look dear :) 4 thumbs up from me and dev :) loved it dear ) and lucky to see this first :)

  12. Ohhh Thank you Rashmi n Dev :) I was quite unsure while I was putting it up...ur positive feedback gives me confidence :) thnks aton :)

  13. hey the ma,e written is looking even pretty :)
    shows ur hard work dear :)

  14. pretty packaging but the color is't 4 me :(

  15. Ohh y Sharon?? u dont link pinks?? yeah the packaging is really v nice :)


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