Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Permanent Makeup!!! Are you game for it??

How would you feel if someone told you that you could look perfect everyday!! Top of the world right?? What if you could have lined lips, eyes that look like you have applied eyeliner without having to go through your makeup routine everyday? Wonderful isn’t it??? Welcome to the world of Permanent Makeup!!  

Frankly I wasn’t really aware of this whole concept and world of permanent makeup until a few days back when I read an article in a newspaper and that is what sent me on a search of this whole different world for me…

Other names of Permanent Makeup, commonly known as Cosmetic Tattooing are dermapigmentation & micropigmentation. The technique used is the same as that used for body tattoos in which a colored pigment is deposited into the upper layer of the dermis. This helps in restoring the natural skin color.
What all can you get done/corrected with Cosmetic Tattooing?
You can enhance most of the facial features with cosmetic tattooing like..
Lip Tattoo : Not happy with your lips? Too thin or too thick for your liking?? Find using lipstick too much of a hassle everyday?? Don’t you worry!! Lip tattooing comes to your rescue. You can make your thin lips appear fuller and thick lips appear thinner!! With lip tattooing you can also impart permanent color to your lips or give a new shape if you dislike your natural lip shape. You can also give a permanent lip liner to your lips..

Left : Lip lining ; Right : Permanent Lipstick

Permanent Eyeliner :  Like the name says, this will add a eyeliner for your entire lifetime!! No more resting arms against the walls for that perfect straight thin line.
Permanent Eyeliner

Eyebrow tattooing : This one is the perfect answer for everyone who hate getting their eyebrows threaded or waxed. Create the perfectly done eyebrow with eyebrow tattooing and that too with permanent results! No more parlour visits every few days or before all those special occassions!


I have always admired Shilpa Shetty's perfect-all-the-time eyebrows and not after reading my bit on cosmetic tattooing I am pretty sure I have got the secret behind her perfect eyebrows!

Got scanty eyebrows?? Fulfill your dream of that perfect eyebrow without the need for any eyebrow pencil, with the help of eyebrow feathering.
Eyebrow Feathering

Any risks? Ofcourse there are risks & cons associated with cosmetic tattooing and since this is going to be a permanent affair you definitely wanna take all the precautions you can to ensure nothing goes wrong..rite?
  • I dont need to say this, but still..ensure your tattoo artist is qualified enough to do this job and has the correct equipments for the same. Even if this means spending some more money, its all worth it at the end of the day. In some countries like the US, a permanent cosmetic technician should be registered with the FDA (food and Drug Association) and has to follow certain rules that have been put down by the FDA.
  • Ensure the artist uses only sterilised equipments and disposable needles.
  • Its a permanent commitment after all. What are you gonna do if you dont like it some years down the line. Tattoo removal is ofcourse an option but that may not be successful all the time. Results have proven that laser tattoo removal leave permanent scars in some cases and also cause infection etc.
  • You may not like the final outcome of the tattoo. It maybe too thin, too thick or too dark for your liking. Though some minor changes are possible by highly qualified technicians, they may not be possible in all cases. So think more than twice before getting it done.
The recovery period is pretty quick arnd 4-6 weeks. Though this is permanent makeup, the color does start fading over a period of time and a touch-up maybe required after some years.
And before signing off, leaving you with some pics of the results of cosmetic tattooing...all pics courtesy Google Images :)

And now that you didnt get bored and have actually read through the whole post, why dont you tell me what do you feel about permanent makeup? As far as I am concerned...Though I am tempted to get eyebrow tattooing done but on a more serious thought I guess I am pretty happy with my facial assests the way they are...I wouldnt like to get any permanent makeup done to them...and we are not that bad with the temporary makeup bit also na :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack Review

Face packs are supposed to be this really great product which provides instant glow to the face. Use a face pack before a special occassion/party and you are ready to go!! However I personally feel, they work wonderfully for oily skin people more compared to dry-normal skin people. I have heard a lot of my oily-skinned friends really rave about some of the face packs they use...saying it instantly takes off the oily effect from their face and gives a very nice glow. However most of the face packs I've used till now fail to give these kind of glowing results to my skin :(

What it claims : A unique formulation of nautral ingredients that rejuvenates the facial skin. Enchriched with Apple, a rich source of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that nourish and improve the skin glow. Fig and Cucumber provide cooling effect to your skin. Papaya removes freckles and smoothens the skin. Fuller's Earth soothes the skin and removes blackheads and deeply embedded impurities.

As the tube mentions, this face pack is meant for normal to dry skin. The ingredient list looks quite impressive with Apple, Fig, Papaya etc. Though I am wondering wht is fuller's earth doing in a face pack for normal to dry skin?? I mean isnt it like a HG product for oily skin??

Price : Rs. 100 for 75 gm

The face pack itself is yellow-colored with a creamy texture. The fragrance is quite pleasant so you wouldnt dislike applying this on your face.

I usually apply this with my fingers and once I am done with the application I notice a slight yellow coloration on the fingers I've used to apply. The first time I used it, I was scared that this face pack would leave a similar coloration on my face too !!! but that isnt the case...the yellow coloration on the fingers goes away in a like a min or so.

Face packs are supposed to be used once a week. Also, always keep a gap of 2 days between using face pack and scrub.

What I like about Himalaya Fruit Pack
  • When I use this pack I do feel my skin firming up but nothing that would get uncomfortable
  • The fragrance is quite pleasant. Fragrances matter to me in face packs since you apply it quite close to your nose, you wouldnt want to put anything on your face which would not smell good rite?
  • The ingredients look quite attractive and I am hoping they are doing some good to my skin though I am not really able to see that :P
  • It doesnt leave my skin totally dry. My skin feels soft after using this face pack.
  • Himalaya does not test on animals

What I dislike about Himalaya Fruit Pack
  • It does nothing great for my skin. I cannot see any difference at all on my face after using this so I dont see any point in using this.
  • It claims to remove blackheads but I could not see any such effect even after using this for a long time. I am about to finish my tube now so I've tried this pack enough to show the results.
  • I dont get any such refreshing feeling after using this face pack.
This pack didnt really work for me but thats just my personal experience. I am definately not buying this again. Have been thinking of trying the Lotus fruit pack now.

Which face pack are you currently using? Which is your HG face pack?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Discount on Eye Products at Inglot,Mumbai

Inglot is having a 15% discount on all its eye products starting today!!! So everyone eyeing the pencils and eyeshadows rush to Inglot now!!!

And do let us know what you picked!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Review

I am really liking Inglot alot these days...they have some really nice stuff to offer and everytime I go to their store I am always tempted to buy something but I just resist myself. All those in Bombay who have still not visited the Inglot outlet...guys goooo!!!!

Inglot has around 6 ranges of eyeliner pencils one of which is the Soft Precision Eyeliner which I what I am gonna talk about today.

The Inglot Soft Precision Liner comes in 22 gorgeous shades...and when I say gorgeous...they are reallllyyy gorgeous...see for yourself...

I loved the shade #43 from above set and 32 from below. Arnt they gorgeous ??

Price : Rs. 460 for 1.13gm

The shade I have is # 22 which is a dark chocolate brown shade with lovely gold shimmer. Its one of my most used colored eyeliner. This shade does not show much when I apply it directly on my eyelids so the way I use it is with a light brown eyeshadow. I use it either with the lid color of the Maybelline Chai Latte Quad or a slightly shimmery brown e/s I have from VOV...Apply the e/s on the lid, then the Inglot eyeliner and smudge the liner to give a lovely neutral brown look which can be worn just about anywhere. 

Here are the swatches of Shade # 22.

What I like about Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Pencils
  • These pencils are really smooth and soft to apply on the eyelids. They glide-on easily without tugging the eyes
  • These can be smudged easily to create the look you desire
  • Huge range of 22 beautiful colors to choose from
  • The staying power of these pencils is around 5-6 hours which is not bad.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • These eyepencils come off easily at the end of day, you dont need to really rub your eyes to take it off.
  • Inglot products are paraben-free and not tested on animals :)

What I dont like about Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Pencils
  • Its not totally smudge-free.
  • I couldnt find a gold color in this. After using #22 I wanted to buy this pencil in gold but was disappointed.
Another general complaint I have with Inglot is that they dont name their products, instead they no. it...I hope they change this. Its so difficult to rem nos. as compared to names  :(

Do give this pencil a shot at your next visit to Inglot...I am sure you would definately love one of the gorgeous colors!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First try at Nail Art :)

So I tried my hands at nail art for the first time yesterday on my neighbour/friend and heres what we did...

Since it was my absolute first time at trying nail art I didnt think of any complex design, instead just did some very very simple design which also turned out to be not so good when I look at the gorgeous nail art done by some of my friends here :( :( but anyways I am hoping to improve with more practice..

And this is the nail art on the other hand :)

How did you find it? Honest feedback plsss :) :) and suggestions too :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Break Ke Baad' Merchandise now available at Shoppers Stop

Shoppers stop customers can now spruce up their wardrobe with the trendy fashion from the much anticipated movie 'Break Ke Baad'. The youthful, vibrant and energetic appeal of the young stars is aptly reflected by Shoppers Stop's populare youth brand Life.

I Lovvveed this white kurti!!! Its soooo chic na??

Deepika Padukone's feminine and chic style is perfectly captured in girly, floral tunics and dresses by Life. Her upbeat and unfussy attitude in the movie reverberates in Life's hip collection of sporty racer backs, printed tees with vintage art, hot shorts in cottons and denims, and cute waitcoats. It is perfect way for college-going girls to emulate Deepika's stylish ensemble and casual-on-purpose style statement.

Not to leave the boys behind, Imran Khan's chocolate-biy charm is mirrored in the casual appeal of the men's collection by Life. Imran Khan's staple vivacious look is seen in brightly striped polos with mascot badges, funky uncommon cartoon prints on Tees, and bold colored Tees with vintage art. To complete the look are cargo shorts and full length pants with baggy pockets.

So whats your pick from this collection ?

For pics from the 'Break Ke Baad' Merchandise unveiling event, go here

Deepika Padukone & Imran Khan unveil the 'Break ke Baad' apparel line at Shoppers Stop

Bollywood heartthrobs Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan stole every heart as they unveiled the fashionable 'Break ke Baad' apparel line at Shoppers Stop, Juhu today afternoon and I got the chance to be there to bring the action direct to you!!

It being a holiday today was quite convenient for me to manage to attend this even which was being held at SS, Juhu today afternoon starting 1 pm and am I glad I could attend this event?? Oh yes!!!! It was such a fun event.

Here are some pics from the launch event

Dressed in character, Deepika & Imran both looked stunning. Deepika was wearing a short dress with plain white upper half and floral print on the lower half of the dress. She finished it with a broad grey belt which gave such a nice definition to her waistline. Her makeup was very light and fresh. She looked totally fresh, glowing and lovely.

Heres a pic of them with the Director of the movie Danish Aslam

BKB Director Danish Aslam, Deepika Padukone & Imran Khan

 Unveiling the BKB Apparel line

Speaking on the occasion, Deepika said, "I'm so glad to be able to extend my style statement in 'Break ke Baad' to Shoppers Stop customers. I personally love each and every outfit I wore in the movie. My character, 'Aaliya', is a fun-loving and determined girl and her fashion in the movie reflects her boisterous nature. I'm sure Shoppers Stop cusotmers will love the trendy, chic clothers of 'Break Ke Baad' that Life has so perfectly recreated."

Imran added, "The Break Ke Baad apparel line is in complete sync with Abhay's signature style in the movie. The striped Polo Tees are my personal favorite. Its great that our fans can now not only enjoy the movie, but also have a taste of the fashion of 'Break Ke Baad' with Life's apparel line exclusively at Shoppers Stop. "After unveiling of the apparel line, Deepika and Imran answered questions from the media.

Deepika and Imran taking questions from the media

I loved the lipstick she was wearing and wanted to ask her which one it was but didnt get the chance ;) :P

And just some more pics.....hope you are enjoying!!

Got to meet some other bloggers there as well...and in all it was a really lovely experience for which I cannot thank Shivani enough as she was the one who made it possible. So if you guys too enjoyed reading this and looking at the pics pls drop in a thank you note to Shivani.

Break Ke Baad sounds like a fresh and young movie. It releases on 26th Nov...you gonna go watch it?

Coming Up : Break Ke Baad Merchandise Pics...Stay Tuned :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick Review

Most of us have always associated the brand "Lotus Herbals" with Sunscreens or Skincare...not really makeup...however this brand has entered into the makeup market soem time back with quite some nice and interesting products...It is definately an added advantage that they claim their products to be 100% Vegetarian and Natural. I am going to talk about one such product today...Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick.

Price : Rs. 295 for 4.2 gm

The packaging of these lipsticks is very different from any other standard lipsticks and I find it very classy too. It is dull brownish-golden in colour with the brand name written in gold. It does not have a cover like other lipsticks which has to be removed to twistup the lipstick to use. It just has a golden coloured lid and when you start twisting open the lipstick the lid opens up and a golden color tube which has the lipstick inside pops out..fun na :)

It comes in around 10 shades...the one I have is Sensuous Mauve which is a medium pink shade.

What I like about Lotus Herbals FloralGlam Lipstick :
  • It is very creamy and moisturizing to use. Does not dry out my lips at all. I can even use this without any lipbalm underneath
  • The shade I have is nicely pigmented. I usually apply just one layer for my daily use but you can build up the shade too if reqd.
  • Nice range of shades to choose from. They have some daily wear shades and some dark shades too. 
  • Economically priced @ Rs. 295...wouldnt hurt your pocket at all even if you pick up more than 1 shade
  • It is 100% Vegetarian and Natural
  • The packaging!!! Its Classy and I enjoy using this lipstick !!
  • The staying power is nice. Even after a full meal, it leaves a tint behind on the lips.

What I dont like about Lotus Herbals FloralGlam Lipstick :
  • I dont know whether its the packaging or the creamy texture but I am consciously careful while opening this lipstick. I am scared to handle it roughly.
  • Lotus makeup products are still not that easy to find. I have seen these only at the Beauty Centre..havnt seen it at Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Spencers etc. I wish they were more easily available.

Have you tried any makeup product from Lotus Herbals ?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vada Pav Party with Receipe!!

So as everyone knows I and Rashmi went to Inglot today and enroute we picked up some stuff to eat from the famous Vada Pav and Sandwich joints opp. Mithibai College....makes me all nostalgic...used to eat there alot during my college days so I dont miss a single chance I get to eat there, since its not very often that I get such a chance...Anyone of you ever going that side..dont forget to eat the Dosa from the very first stall (my mouth is watering)...if u go slightly ahead...u'll come across Dhiraj where you will get some yummmyyyyy Grill Sandwich and Vada Pav with Butter...yes yes...this guy serves Vada Pav with the pav nicely laden with amul butter :) :) :)

Got some packed for you guys....

Grill Sandwich from the famous stalls opp. Mithibai

Vada Pav with Lasoon chutney

N Heres Rashmi enjoying her Vada Pav...she was soooo busy eating that she didnt even click a pic of mine :(

Now shall we munch on some home made Vada Pav...courtesy my mom :) Wht?? u really thought I was gonna make it :P

Batata Vadas with yummmy coriander chutney

Sorry guys since this party was arranged at a short notice couldnt arrange for any drinks to go alongwith it ;)

Heres the receipe for Vada Pav :

1. Boil Potatoes and then mash them
2. Time to add the masala : Add salt, green chillies and ginger paste, turmeric, little amount of sugar, few drops of lemon juice
3. Now time for the tempering : Take little amt of oil in the small katori used for tadka...once the oil heats up add hing, urad dal and curry leaves and add this tadka to the mashed potatoes
4. Now mix all the masala into the mashed potatoes and make small round balls
5. Take besan in a vessel and add salt and water. Keep the consistency medium..not too thick, neither too thin
6. Now dip the batata vadas into this besan batter and fry thm.
7. Take Ladi pav and cut it into half at the centre till abt more than 3/4. Dont cut the entire pav into half...let it be joint at one end.
8. Apply a nice layer of butter on both sides of the pav. Top it with coriander chutney and then dry lasoon chutney
9. Now place 1 vada on one side of the pav and close the other side...tada...vada pav is ready!!!

P.S You can also fry the left over batter by just sprinkling it in the oil...it tastes yummmmm...dont know if I am making sense!!!

N how can I end this post without mentioning some of the best Vada Pav joints in Bombay!!!
~ Stall outside Kirti College, Dadar
~ MM Mithaiwala, Malad 
~ Dhiraj Stall, Opp. Mithibai College, Vile Parle

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Khadi Badam Whitening Scrub Review

When Tanveer reviewed the Khadi Mauri Face Wash 2 days back, it reminded me of my Khadi Scrub review which was lying in draft for some days...so I finally got to clicking the pics and heres my take on this Khadi product

The Khadi Badam Scrub comes in the packaging which is very standard to all Khadi products...its a plastic bottle with a nozzle type of opening. 

What it claims :

An ayurvedic almond based face scrub which imparts natural nourishment effect to the skin. Removes blackhead and scars from the skin.

Active Ingredients :

Price : Rs. 115 for 210 ml

The scrub is whitish-creamish in color with very much visible almond granules. The granules are of medium size..not very small n gentle neither very huge n harsh. The paste as such is of creamy consistency.

What I Like about this Khadi Scrub :
  • It does its job as a scrub very well. The granules are not very small and gentle, neither are they very harsh. They are medium sized which work very well even on areas like the nose.
  • It smells very nice, so you would enjoy using this
  • The texture of the scrub is very creamy hence the almond granules dont hurt.
  • It leaves my skin really soft and nice
  • You dont really need a lot of product, just a decent amount is enough. The amount of granules in the paste is quite good.
  • Its an ayurvedic product, if we believe by what Khadi says
  • The packaging is quite good and the nozzle helps you control the amount of product you want to take out.
  • It claims whitening properties which I am not too sure of, but we all know how good almond is for the skin.

What I dont like about this Khadi Scrub :
  • Getting hold of Khadi products is a hugeee pain. They are not easily available and even at places where I've seen some Khadi products the stock is never consistent.

I recently came to know abt the Khadi Irla store from Tanveer...will definately check it out when I go there next. I have been hunting for a good store where I can find all Khadi products but to no vail till now.

If you can manage to find this, do give it a shot once. I have not been disappointed with any of the Khadi products I have used till date including this one. I only wish if they were easier to find, there is so much I want to explore from their range.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipgloss Review

I guess all of us know by now what a huge hit the Maybelline Colorsensational range is…specially the lipsticks….now I am more of a lipstick person..less of lipgloss so I did not intend to buy the lipgloss…I had already got 2 lipsticks from this range :) ....but during a casual visit to Lifestyle I saw a 15% discount offer going on at Maybelline so couldn’t resist checking out and I loved one of the shades in pink so much I finally picked up a gloss…one of the few glosses that I own…yes I hv very few :)

Maybelline Colorsensational lipgloss comes in varied shades of Pink, Reds, Browns and Plums. The Maybelline website lists 12 colors only 9-10 colors are available here..

I got the shade 055 Raspberry Sorbet which is a very very pretty pretty pink colour :)

Price : Rs. 250 for 6.8 ml.

As the name says, Raspberry Sorbet is a beautiful Raspberry pink color with shimmer. I instantly fell in love with this color the moment I swatched it. Though I did swatch all the shades but finally picked up this one only.

Unlike the lipstick which has some really classy packaging according to the shade family, the packaging of the colorsensational lipgloss is quite the standard types…sleek rectangular transparent tube with a silvered colored top. The lipgloss does not come in any cardboard kind pack…just a plastic wrap on the tube which has to be torn off. As you can see in the above pic, the shade name and no. is mentioned on the bottom of the gloss tube.

It has a doe-foot applicator like the ones which come with most of the glosses these days and the applicator picks up decent color and is quite comfy to apply the gloss.

Here are the swatches of the Colorsensational Lipgloss in Raspberry Sorbet

What I like about Colorsensational Lipgloss :
  • The lipgloss is very nicely pigmented. The swatches shown above are all 1-2 swipes..not more.
  • I totally love the sweet caramel kind of fragrance of the gloss.
  • The staying power of this gloss is much much better than any other gloss that I’ve used (though there arnt many).
    Even after 6-7 hours of having applied this gloss, with meals in between, the color only fades leaving a light tint behind and does not completely disappear from the lips. This without any touch-ups in between :).
  • It is not as sticky as other glosses..I was quite happy with that….I totally dislike the sticky ones!!
  • The price at Rs. 250 is quite reasonable.
  • Nice color variety to choose from…I am sure each one of us would find a color for ourself.

What I dislike about Colorsensational Lipgloss :
  • Nothing in particular actually. As a gloss this works quite well, infact inspite of not being a gloss person I am quite tempted to buy another one i.e Sugared Honey. 
  • After looking at the recently launched Lakme glosses in the Gypsy collection, I only feel that like the lipstick only if Maybelline would have worked on the packaging of the gloss as well. The current packaging as I said is pretty much standard.
  • No ingredient list is provided with the gloss. Neither does the website mention about this.

Would I recommend this to others ?
Definately YES!!! All gloss lovers, if you have still not got this...got get it now!!! and all lipstick lovers...there is no harm in having some lipgloses in your collection right :)

Have you tried the Colorsensational Lipgloss yet? Whats ur fav shade?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Diwali gone by..

Festivites are all over and its making me soo sad :( I had a lovely week celebrating diwali last week with my dear ones...didnt even realise when time passed by...

Clicked some random pics of the beautifully decorated city while I was out...just sharing some of the pics with you...

Most of the pics are clicked on my mobile so not of v good quality...

A mall...

A beautifully decorated complex

Just some random pics clicked on the streets

Some crackers we burst

There was a small area near the entrance of the house where I wanted to do Rangoli but was totally tired roaming around the whole day since morn so just did a very quick rangoli in like 10-15 mins...I thought it would look nice and was thinking of taking it off the next day morning but it didnt turn out that bad too...haina?? wht do u think?

Hope you guys had a lovely diwali !!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Diwali & My Rangoli :) (Upated with more Rangoli pics)

I know I have been missing in action since some days...just enjoying Diwali days, I hope you all are enjoying diwali too :)

Just made some Rangoli last nite which I wanted to share with everyone...I am no professional artist but I love making Rangolis...wasnt able to make Rangolis since the last couple of years due to lack of time but I am glad I could do it this year...

I hope everyone is having a lovely and wonderful Diwali with their dear ones!!!


UPDATED  TO ADD PICS WITH DIYAS :) Specially for you Anamika :)
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