Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Diwali gone by..

Festivites are all over and its making me soo sad :( I had a lovely week celebrating diwali last week with my dear ones...didnt even realise when time passed by...

Clicked some random pics of the beautifully decorated city while I was out...just sharing some of the pics with you...

Most of the pics are clicked on my mobile so not of v good quality...

A mall...

A beautifully decorated complex

Just some random pics clicked on the streets

Some crackers we burst

There was a small area near the entrance of the house where I wanted to do Rangoli but was totally tired roaming around the whole day since morn so just did a very quick rangoli in like 10-15 mins...I thought it would look nice and was thinking of taking it off the next day morning but it didnt turn out that bad too...haina?? wht do u think?

Hope you guys had a lovely diwali !!!


  1. cool pics. thanks for sharing. nice to know tat u had a great diwali :)

  2. how did u manage to do this white design on rangoli that too in 15 minutes..did u use any stencil for that HD looks really great..

    and i am missing Diwali and mom and Dad:((

  3. I too am suffering from Diwali Hangover - plus a sniffy cold :(

    Glad u had such a great time. The rangoli looks very pretty - I loved the marigold flowers in the earthern diya - so rustic and lovely!

  4. Thanks Anju :) Hope u had a nice diwali too :)

  5. ya..m no superwoman to do that with hands :( used stencil for those side 4 too missing my grandparents n uncle, aunty..had a lovely time :) now back to the routine :(

  6. Aww..Tanveer...thank you sooo how did ur diwali go?? its sad to get back to routine na...specially work :P

  7. that is lovely dear :) but good u r back here ....
    i am super duper flop in making rangoli :(

  8. thnks dear :) me too happy to be back but missing last week too :( you try this rangoli...its super duper easy

  9. Ohh, don't ask. It just sucks to get back to the same old boring routine & troubles of life.

  10. I know :) but I am happy the wedding season is round the corner so some more holidays :)

  11. hey...i wrote a post on some makeup products i got..check it out!! and do add your suggestions...

  12. sure Mita...will check it out and let you know :)


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