Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipgloss Review

I guess all of us know by now what a huge hit the Maybelline Colorsensational range is…specially the lipsticks….now I am more of a lipstick person..less of lipgloss so I did not intend to buy the lipgloss…I had already got 2 lipsticks from this range :) ....but during a casual visit to Lifestyle I saw a 15% discount offer going on at Maybelline so couldn’t resist checking out and I loved one of the shades in pink so much I finally picked up a gloss…one of the few glosses that I own…yes I hv very few :)

Maybelline Colorsensational lipgloss comes in varied shades of Pink, Reds, Browns and Plums. The Maybelline website lists 12 colors only 9-10 colors are available here..

I got the shade 055 Raspberry Sorbet which is a very very pretty pretty pink colour :)

Price : Rs. 250 for 6.8 ml.

As the name says, Raspberry Sorbet is a beautiful Raspberry pink color with shimmer. I instantly fell in love with this color the moment I swatched it. Though I did swatch all the shades but finally picked up this one only.

Unlike the lipstick which has some really classy packaging according to the shade family, the packaging of the colorsensational lipgloss is quite the standard types…sleek rectangular transparent tube with a silvered colored top. The lipgloss does not come in any cardboard kind pack…just a plastic wrap on the tube which has to be torn off. As you can see in the above pic, the shade name and no. is mentioned on the bottom of the gloss tube.

It has a doe-foot applicator like the ones which come with most of the glosses these days and the applicator picks up decent color and is quite comfy to apply the gloss.

Here are the swatches of the Colorsensational Lipgloss in Raspberry Sorbet

What I like about Colorsensational Lipgloss :
  • The lipgloss is very nicely pigmented. The swatches shown above are all 1-2 swipes..not more.
  • I totally love the sweet caramel kind of fragrance of the gloss.
  • The staying power of this gloss is much much better than any other gloss that I’ve used (though there arnt many).
    Even after 6-7 hours of having applied this gloss, with meals in between, the color only fades leaving a light tint behind and does not completely disappear from the lips. This without any touch-ups in between :).
  • It is not as sticky as other glosses..I was quite happy with that….I totally dislike the sticky ones!!
  • The price at Rs. 250 is quite reasonable.
  • Nice color variety to choose from…I am sure each one of us would find a color for ourself.

What I dislike about Colorsensational Lipgloss :
  • Nothing in particular actually. As a gloss this works quite well, infact inspite of not being a gloss person I am quite tempted to buy another one i.e Sugared Honey. 
  • After looking at the recently launched Lakme glosses in the Gypsy collection, I only feel that like the lipstick only if Maybelline would have worked on the packaging of the gloss as well. The current packaging as I said is pretty much standard.
  • No ingredient list is provided with the gloss. Neither does the website mention about this.

Would I recommend this to others ?
Definately YES!!! All gloss lovers, if you have still not got this...got get it now!!! and all lipstick lovers...there is no harm in having some lipgloses in your collection right :)

Have you tried the Colorsensational Lipgloss yet? Whats ur fav shade?


  1. hey even I love the color sensational gloss tat I have with me. will have to check this shade out.

  2. which shade do u have anju? yeah do check out this shade...its a very pretty color :)

  3. wow such a lovely shade!! Like the lipsticks which I've tried...but will surely try out these too.

  4. I have not tried this one and bought loreal Rs 800 gloss.. y didnt u do this post before:((

  5. beautiful pink color it is :) i know how good and famous maybelline's colorsens. range is .. i never tried the gloss but this is going to be a must see for me next :)

  6. yes Rakshanda its a lovely shade :) I love the colorsensational lipsticks too..which shades do u hve?

  7. aww...buy another lipgloss...for christmas maybe :) its not that expensive u see...and anyways the wedding season is round the corner too so gives us another reason na :)

  8. yeah Rashmi..its one of my fav lipgloss...not that I own many of them, but still :D

  9. I love CS lipglosses! They are so much better than their lipstcks.. Well I am a lipgloss girl so :P

    I have 5-6 glosses from this range & love them for the very reasons you mentioned - fabulous color payoff, long lasting, shimmery, non sticky! :D :D

  10. Ohh if ur a lipgloss person I can understand how much u love this!!! this also doesnt have the fragrance which the lipstick has na :) which shades do u have ?

  11. @HD: It does have the same smell, but in a lighter, more toned down version that thankfully I can stand.

    I have Sugared Honey (my go-to for nude lips), Cranberry Cocktail (bright red), Hooked on Pink (my fav from the lot- just love it!) Plum-tastic (a deep berry shimmery shade) & Wine all Mine (a deep purple-grape shimmery shade).. This Raspberry Sorbet was outta stock when I had purchased the rest.

  12. Sugared Honey is next on my list !!! I am in a pink phase these days so will check out Hooked on Pink too :)


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