Friday, December 31, 2010

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Review

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick range is said to have been discontinued after the launch of the Maybelline Colorsensational Range and when colorsensational was launched, the SA had told me that only the existing stock of Moisture extreme would be available, however even after so many months I still find the Moisture Extreme lipsticks available in the market and that makes me happy :) coz I love these lipsticks. 

The older version of these lipsticks came in a shiny red colored packaging with metallic type finish. The newer version is brown in color. I have 4 shades from this range Dusk, Silver Sand, Desert Bloom and Chestnut. 

The Chestnut one has Colorsensational Moisture extreme written on it while the other 3 have only Moisture Extreme so I am a bit confused on that part, but lets just ignore that. The tube of Chestnut lipstick is also brown in color but unlike the other 3, it is matte in finish and not shiny.

Price : Rs. 220 for 4 gm

Swatches of the 4 shades I own

824 Dusk : This is a light to medium brown color. Does not have any shimmer, just a light shine so though it is matte, the final look on the lips is not matte at all, has subtle shine.

A good shade for daily office wear use. I've used this alot when I was loving browns more than pinks but right now this one is getting a little ignored :P

827 Silver Sand : A light brown shade with sutle shimmer. Adds that slight shine to lips without any evident color.

This was my first purchase from Maybelline and from this lipstick range and my love for the moisture extreme lipsticks started with this one. I am currently on my second tube and this one also you can see I am about to finish...that shows how much I like this shade. Though like the Dusk one, this is also getting ignored a bit nowadays since I am liking pinks more than browns.

633 Desert Bloom : A light pink shade with extremely subtle golden shimmer.

This is one of my fav & most worn lipsticks from my entire collection. Its the perfect pink for me for office wear or casual day out. At times I pair this with the Colorsensational Lipgloss in Raspberry and they both go extremely well together. I am going to keep on buying this forever.

B41 Chestnut : A warm medium pink shade with no shimmer, only shine.

I sometimes combine this one and Desert Bloom to create a new pink shade which is inbetween these 2 to wear to office. I love this one too.

What I like about Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks :
  • Totally true to its claim of moisturizing. These lipsticks are awesomely moisturizing. Even when worn without a lipbalm these dont feel drying at all through the day.
  • Staying power is around 4-5 hours and even at the end of the day it leaves a nice tint on the lips. They dont vanish away completely
  • Extremely well priced @ Rs. 220. Totally worth it!! These were earlier priced at Rs. 180. Have bought my brown ones at that price and under an offer of buy 2 get 1 free!! Awesome deal!
  • These are very well pigmented. You dont need to rub the lipstick over and over again for the color to show. The color appears in the first swipe itself.
  • The Maybelline site mentions this has SPF15, though the lipstick itself does not have any such mention.
  • These are extremely light on the lips. Does not leave any heavy feeling.
  • The older ones i.e Dusk and Silver Sand dont have any fragrance. Desert Bloom and Chestnut have a very mild and pleasant vanilla fragrance.
What I dont like about Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks :
  • Due to the similar packaging it is very difficult to spot the lipstick you are looking for amongst all the moisture extreme lipsticks you own. I always have a hard time between Dusk and Silver Sand since they both have the same packaging. So a shade indicator on the packaging itself would have been really helpful.
  • You also cannot store you lipstick vertically with the lipstick name showing on top for easier spotting since the other side of the tube is rounded. So if you have to store it vertically standing, it will have to rest on the part that has the name, so again the hunt begins.
  • I would have definately liked if the staying power was better but at the price I am paying I totally dont regret what I am getting.
  • Would have liked some better color selection. Though the Maybelline website mentions 56 shades, I've seen only arnd 20 shades here. I would love to add more lipsticks from this range to my collection.
  • Ingredient list is not mentioned.
All in all, I love these lipsticks and for all of you who still havnt tried atleast one of these...pls do!! You wont regret it!

Whats you fav shade from the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Range ?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colorbar Warm Eyeshadow Palette Review

The colorbar eyeshadow palettes are quite a nice set of eyeshadows to begin your e/s collection with. Priced decently, it has a nice combo of colors which can be worn by itself and paired with each other as well.

The palette comes in a sleek silver colored packaging with a small transparent covering on the top which makes it easier to spot incase you own both the palettes like me. There is also a mirror on the inside which is useful while travelling. It has a sponge tip applicator which is best ignored :)

Price : Rs. 499 for 9 gms (1.8 gms x 5)

The warm palette has 5 warm-toned eyeshadows : DUNE, BRUN, HUMID, PLUMFUL & MYSTERY

DUNE : This is a pink color with some peachy undertones. This color is less pigmented compared to the other 4 colors in the palette

BRUN : This is a dark brown shade.

HUMID : A dark olive green color.

PLUMFUL : A very pretty plum color.

MYSTERY : A taupe color

All the 5 shades have a very slight shimmer to them. The shimmer is nothing OTT.

What I like about Colorbar Warm Eyeshadow Palette :
  • The variety of colors is quite nice and all the colors are usable. There isnt a single color which I havnt been able to use until now.
  • The pigmentation is quite good. The swatches above are all without a primer.
  • The fallout is very less so you wont end up with e/s all over your cheeks while doing up your eyes.
  • The staying power is quite good. It has stayed upto 4-5 without fading and that too without any primer. Just concealer or foundation as a base. 
  • Very travel friendly. The packaging is quite sleek and compact which makes this very convenient to be carried around. 
  • Priced very decently for the amount and quality you get. This would be a very good palette for beginners who are just experimenting with colors and eyemakeup.  

What I dont like about Colorbar Warm Eyeshadow Palette :
  • These need to be patted on the eyelids and if you try 'painting' these shadows on the lids, the colors wont show at all.
  • Gets a bit difficult to blend at times
This may not be the best palette in the market but for the price I've paid I am quite happy with what I've got. I am not a pro at eye makeup and this palette is giving me good enough options to experiment and explore various colors.

Have you tried the colorbar palettes?

For more pics of the Colorbar Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches see below posts:

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub Review

I have been missing in action for some time now...havnt posted since 2 weeks and really lagging behind in reading other blogs too :( Just caught up with alot of things in life but I hope to get back to regular blogging now..

The product I am going to talk about today is a new launch in the market and I had been waiting to try it since the time I saw the ads on TV which looked quite appealing but I was sceptical about its tall claims so wanted to try for myself....Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub!

The scrub comes in the std C&C packing of a blue colored tube with dark blue top cover.

What it claims : A unique blend of micro-scrubbing beads works to break down trapped dirt, oil and dead skin cells that can cause blakcheads. Next, the natural apple extract formula penetrates deep down into the pores to help soften stubborn blackheads and prevent new ones from forming. Its gentle exfoliating action gives you visibly less blackheads in just 3 days for a clean, clear and beautiful skin.

Claims to be oil-free. Wont clog pores. Visibly less blackheads in 3 days!

Active Ingredients :

This is not just a scrub, but a lathering scrub or a facewash if you may say so.
To use, squeeze product on palm and work into a rich lather. Gently massage lather onto face, concentrating on blackhead prone areas like nose and chin.

The facewash/scrub is not at all runny in texture,it is almost transparent with extremely micro scrubbing particles, some blue in color. The texture of the scrub is also very very soft and hence it is gentle for daily use too. It smells quite pleasant.

Price : Rs. 90 for 80 gm.

What I like about C&C Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub :
  • As per the claim, the scrub is very gentle for daily use. It is not at all abrasive or harsh on the skin
  • It leaves the face squeeky clean and I like the feel of my skin after use. My skin feels very soft because afterall it is a scrub!
  • Does not leave my skin dry after use.
  • The fragrance is very pleasant.
  • It stands true to its claim of not clogging pores. At times I noticed that the pores on my chin had opened up after using this scrub.  

What I dont like about C&C Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub :
  • It fell totally short on its tall claim of less blackheads in just 3 days for me !! I dont have heavy blackheads and I did not see any reduction in the number of blackheads even after using this for more than 3 days !! It works just like a normal facewash and does nothing to reduce the blackheads which is the main purpose of this product!
  • Though it did open up the pores on my chin at times, it strangely did not work on the blackheads on my nose ??
Have you tried this blackhead clearing daily scrub? Does it work on your blackheads?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Review

This makeup remover is a new launch from Maybelline. The market has been flooded with makeup removers off-late..what with Lakme, Maybelline and Colorbar launching their makeup removers all in the last couple of months!!

What it claims : This formula instantly remoes all eye and lip makeup, even waterproof and non-transfer. Formulated for sensitive eyes, it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around eyes.

The makeup remover comes in a very cute small plastic bottle. This is a bi-phase makeup remover with the upper oil layer blue in color and lower liquid layer is transparent white in color.

Active Ingredients : Aqua/Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isohexadecane, Isopropyl Palmitate, Panthenol, Dipotassium Phosphate, Poloxamer Biguanide, Potassium Phosphate, sodium Chloride, CI 61565 / Green 6

The bottle needs to be shaken well before use. On shaking, both the liquids mix up with each other.

Price : Rs. 125 for 40 ml

What I like about the Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover :
  • It is truly an excellent makeup remover. Works wonderfully well even on waterproof products.
  • You dont have to rub too hard to remove even the most harsh eye makeup. Just dab the cotton and swipe it over and its gone. Depending on what kind of makeup you are wearing, you may have to swipe more times to clean it off completely.
  • It does not sting the eyes at all!! Yes!! Isnt this our biggest worry and fear while taking off eye makeup, specially liners applied on lower lashline. This takes off all such kind of makeup without hurting you one bit. No stinging eyes at all!!
  • I find the bottle quite cute and travel friendly. It fits even in your small handbag. 
  • The oil in the remover leaves your skin soft and smooth after use.
  • The price is very very reasonable.
  • It completely cleans off all makeup. Does not leave behind any racoon eyes like some makeup removers do after u've cleaned black eyeliner.

Here is how it works on the different eye and lip products

Left to Right : Black Liquid Liner, Waterproof Mascara, 4 different types of eye pencils, Lip liner, 2 different types of Lipsticks, Lip Artist, Lip gloss

Heres how the remover worked on the lip products

All the lipliner, lipsticks, lipgloss etc was gone in 2 swipes :)

Now the eye products.

 It took off all the pencil liners including the smudge proof ones in 2 swipes. The liquid liner and waterproof mascara required an additional swipe.

What I dont like about the Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover :
  • I would have liked if they have bigger variations also, since this would get over pretty soon if used on a daily/regular basis so for my home use I would have liked a bigger bottle.
  • You need a separate cleanser for face. Though while travelling I've used this makeup remover for face products too and it worked fine.

I totally love this and it has made removing all those eyeliners soo very easy for me !!

Have you tried this new makeup remover from Maybelline ? If you havnt tried it yet, get one bottle wont hurt your pocket much too :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash Review

I have tried 2 facewashes from Himalaya - Gentle Exfoliating and Hydrating Facewash Cream and have totally different experiences with both...while I absolutely love this one, I am just waiting to finish the other one and get done with it...not that I hate it...but I am not really loving it either. Noww..lets get back to the main topic..the Gentle Exfoliating Daily Facewash..

The facewash comes in a transparent tube with the standard Himalaya packaging of green cover.

What it claims : A soap-free, daily-use, herbal formulation which combines gentle exfoliation, deep cleansing and moisturizing.

Apricot granules gently scrub off dead skin cells and help prevent the formation of balckheads.

Neem and Lemon cleanse deeply and remove excess oil.

Aloe Vera soothes your skin and maintains its natural moisture balance.

Use regularly for clean, fresh, rejuvenated and glowing skin.

Active Ingredients :

The facewash itself is almost transparent in color with small and medium sized white, brown and red granules.

The granules are quite soft..not like the harsh ones which come in scrubs. I like using facewashes which have granules and they give me a very nice feel against the skin when I wash my face.

Price : Rs. 99 for 100 ml ; Rs. 55 for 50 ml

What I like about Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Daily Facewash :

I completely love this facewash. I am already on my 3rd tube. I get pretty bored of my facewashes and I can never use just 1 facewash all the time. I like some variety so I generally use 2-3 facewashes and this one is always one of them.

  • It gives a squeaky clean feeling after use.
  • The granules are pretty soft and not at all harsh for the skin. They are soft enough for daily use.
  • It does not leave the skin dry. It is not ultra moisturizing but does not dry out the skin completely too.
  • Due to the gentle exfoliation, your skin feels really soft after using this.
  • You need very less amount for the whole face.
  • This facewash gives me a very fresh after use.
  • The fragrance is quite pleasant.
  • The ingredient list is quite impressive :)
  • Decently priced

What I dont like about Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Daily Facewash :

This is not really my HG facewash but I do like it alot and cant really think of anything that I dislike. I like facewashes with fruity flavours (no doubt that Lakme Strawberry facewash was a fav too & I am liking the fruit blast range as well) so maybe if this one also came in fruity flavours I might like it more :P

How has your experience been with Himalaya Facewashes ?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Khadi Aloevera Moisturizing Lotion Review

Like all Khadi products, this aloevera moisturizer also comes in small transparent plastic bottle with a nozzle top.

What it claims :

Nourishing & Oil-free moisturiser which helps to replenish the lost skin moisture. Use after skin treatments. Can be used for all skin types.

Price : Rs. 85 for 210 ml

Active Ingredients :

The product is quite runny in consistency and of very light green color which is ofcourse due to aloevera. Due to the runny consistency, its quite easy to spread this lotion without any efforts at all.

What I Like about the Khadi Moisturizer :
  • It gets absorbed very easily and does not leave any greasy layer or feeling behind.
    Due to its runny consistency, its quite easy to spread this lotion and apply on hands, legs etc. You dont need to make any extra efforts to apply this.
  • Pic Courtesy : Wikipedia
  • It does its job pretty decently. I mean its not a super product but works very decently for my normal-dry skin. I dont have super dry skin and I feel it wont work that well for super dry skin.
  • It does make my skin smooth and soft after application.
  • It has Aloevera which we all know is good for the skin.
  • Extremely resonably priced. It wont hurt you at all even if you dont use it for some time and its just lying there.
  • It claims to be oil-free hence I feel it should work well for oily skins.
  • Since its an aloevera moisturizer, it smells of aloevera but the fragrance is not very strong or overpowering. Its quite pleasant.
  • Packaging is easy to carry around. The nozzle opening is tight enough, never opened up or anything during travel but its neither too tight that its a pain to open.

What I dont like about the Khadi Moisturizer :
  • For the price I have paid, I am totally happy with the outcome. As I said earlier, its no wonder product, but works perfectly fine as a simple, no fuss moisturizer which I wouldnt mind having with me.
  • A grievance I have with Khadi as a brand...just too difficult to locate !!

So this was another Khadi product which didnt disappoint me. I got a Herbal Scrub with Sandalwood from Khadi over this weekend and now cant wait to try that. Khadi also has a Rose Moisturizer which is next on my list. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don Giovanni Restaurant @ Juhu

I guess by now most of my blogger friends know how big a foodie I am :) For those who know it now rite!!

I loooveee eating out and dont really have an absolutely fav food cravings all depend on my mood...and even my friends know when I am out for dinner/lunch with 2 of my close friends its mostly upto me to decide what type of cuisine we want to eat...Luckily both of friends are as keen as me in trying new places so whenever we decide to go out for dinner / lunch we try to explore some new place and try not to repeat the same place...

Friday was one such day when we were out for dinner...and after many recos from friends and thinking alot we headed for Don Giovanni at Juhu..

I just thought of sharing my experience at this place with...sorry dont have any pics...though I was carrying my camera but was so engrossed in talking with my friends just didnt realise to take any pics..

Since it was a Friday night we thought it would be a better idea to book a table and go. While doing so we were informed that shorts and rubber slippers were not allowed...Yes thats the dress code there...if you may call it so..Though me and my friends didnt quite agree with it, however we didnt ponder over it much since we all were dressed appropriately. Anyways do keep in mind about this dress code anytime you plan to visit this plan, lest you be disappointed.

Location : Don Giovanni is located at Juhu..Same lane as Prithvi Theater...its in the same premise as Alfredos and Temple Flower but inside the gate unlike Alfredos and Temple Flower which is on the main road...

I remember going to this same location earlier, but there used to be a different restaurant there, which was owned by some producer/director..dont remember the name of that restaurant...Don Giovanni has opened there in Oct 09 I believe.

Just outside the entrance, there is a small shop selling handicrafts and clothes etc and we were quite interested in checking it out but just forgot about it while leaving.

There is an open bar to the left as soon as you enter the restaurant. There is also a small private dining area next to the open bar area which can be reserved for a huge group. The main dining area is quite well lite and the ambience was quite nice as well. There is an open dining area as well incase you prefer that. However since there was an open kitchen as well in that area, we thought it might be hot outside and hence preferred the AC dining area instead.

Left : Open Dining Area ; Right : Main Dining Aread
Food : Italain cuisine.

We ordered a vegetable soup, Penne Pesto Pasta and pizza (sorry dont rem the name).

The food was quite good...I specially liked the was thin crust with onion, aubergine etc toppings. The pasta itself did not have any toppings so we ordered brocolli and zuchhini toppings. The Pesto sauce with the pine nuts was delicious and the pasta quantity was also good. 

This place seems to be quite popular with foreign tourists as other than us there were guests on 2-3 other tables and they were all foreigners.

This meal for 3 costed us Rs. 1500. 

All Italian food lovers definately check out this place!! It serves some good Italian fare. 

Would I visit this place again : Yes for sure!

Monday, December 6, 2010

NOTD : Colorbar Exclusive # 71

I had actually gone to buy Apple Martini for myself but when I tried it at the store I found it too bright for myself and thought I might not wear it that often so I got this one instead...The first bright and bold nail paint in my collection...though I am still drooling over Apple Martini...I guess I just need some more time to get myself to wear such bright shades..

Pls excuse my bad-in-shape nails :( They are just breaking off and are not in the best of conditions right now :)

Colorbar Nail Paint in Exclusive#71

Friday, December 3, 2010

Inglot AMC Lip Paint Review

I think I've already mentioned this earlier but my loooong hunt for a coral lipstick ended with the Inglot Lip Paint in No. 61!!

I was always more of a pink and brown person but since the last couple of months I kind of starting drooling over corals and wanted one for myself. I tried couple of shades from many brands but didnt really like any. None of those lipsticks gave a corally effect, I felt they looked very orangey on me :( :(

When I visited Inglot after it finally finally opened in Mumbai I was hoping to find my coral lipstick there but was again disappointed and thats when I saw these lip paints and just tried the shade no. 61 and loved it.

They have a total of 20 shades in their AMC Lip Paints and all of them are really really pretty. AMC which stands for Advanced Makeup Components is a separate line of products under Inglot.

Here are the swatches of the shade I have i.e No. would have seen this pic earlier too :)

The lip paint comes in a cute little glass jar. The texture of the lip paint is quite creamy. I mostly use a ear bud to pick up some product from the cute tub and dab it on my lips and then use my fingers to evenly spread it.

Price : Rs. 720 for 4.5 gm. Shelf life of 3 years.

What I like about Inglot AMC Lip Paints
  • I found my coral!! Yayyy!! I love this shade. It brings such a warm glow to my face nothing orangey at all.
  • It is a lip paint so but ofcourse it is not at all drying on the lips. The texture as I said earlier, is very creamy
  • The staying power is quite decent. I mean it is not one of the long staying kinds lip colour but since I use this with a lip liner, even after a meal, it leaves behind a tint.
  • Its a different kind of lip product in my kitty...totally different from my lipsticks, liquid lipsticks etc.
  • The cute little jar is very convenient to carry around. No hassles at all.
  • Inglot Products are paraben-free.

What I dont like about Inglot AMC Lip Paints
  • It comes in a glass jar which is not very hygenic to use but then again I am not sure how else can this be packed. Because of the kind of packaging it is not very convenient to use for touchups when compared to lipstick/lipgloss...anyways I knew what I was getting when I bought so I have no complaints.
  • I wished the staying power was better but then it might not be as creamy coz normally the more matte the lipstick the more staying power it has.
  • Inglot plssss give names to your products!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lust List for Dec

Its raining Gold!! Well...not really but how I wish it would....Wedding season is around the corner....and thats making me fall in love with Gold all over again and hence no surprise that my lust list for Dec includes everything Gold :)

Simple & Elegant Gold Clutch :

Gold Sandals :

I dont wear such high stilletos but I looved these Jimmy Choos :)

Gold & White Watch :

Gold & White is one of my fav combos :)

How can any article related to Gold be complete without jewellery!!

Exquisite 18K Gold Earrings :

Arnt these totally trendy??

Gold Bangles :

Loved Loved Lovvveedd the intrinsic work !!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Permanent Makeup!!! Are you game for it??

How would you feel if someone told you that you could look perfect everyday!! Top of the world right?? What if you could have lined lips, eyes that look like you have applied eyeliner without having to go through your makeup routine everyday? Wonderful isn’t it??? Welcome to the world of Permanent Makeup!!  

Frankly I wasn’t really aware of this whole concept and world of permanent makeup until a few days back when I read an article in a newspaper and that is what sent me on a search of this whole different world for me…

Other names of Permanent Makeup, commonly known as Cosmetic Tattooing are dermapigmentation & micropigmentation. The technique used is the same as that used for body tattoos in which a colored pigment is deposited into the upper layer of the dermis. This helps in restoring the natural skin color.
What all can you get done/corrected with Cosmetic Tattooing?
You can enhance most of the facial features with cosmetic tattooing like..
Lip Tattoo : Not happy with your lips? Too thin or too thick for your liking?? Find using lipstick too much of a hassle everyday?? Don’t you worry!! Lip tattooing comes to your rescue. You can make your thin lips appear fuller and thick lips appear thinner!! With lip tattooing you can also impart permanent color to your lips or give a new shape if you dislike your natural lip shape. You can also give a permanent lip liner to your lips..

Left : Lip lining ; Right : Permanent Lipstick

Permanent Eyeliner :  Like the name says, this will add a eyeliner for your entire lifetime!! No more resting arms against the walls for that perfect straight thin line.
Permanent Eyeliner

Eyebrow tattooing : This one is the perfect answer for everyone who hate getting their eyebrows threaded or waxed. Create the perfectly done eyebrow with eyebrow tattooing and that too with permanent results! No more parlour visits every few days or before all those special occassions!


I have always admired Shilpa Shetty's perfect-all-the-time eyebrows and not after reading my bit on cosmetic tattooing I am pretty sure I have got the secret behind her perfect eyebrows!

Got scanty eyebrows?? Fulfill your dream of that perfect eyebrow without the need for any eyebrow pencil, with the help of eyebrow feathering.
Eyebrow Feathering

Any risks? Ofcourse there are risks & cons associated with cosmetic tattooing and since this is going to be a permanent affair you definitely wanna take all the precautions you can to ensure nothing goes wrong..rite?
  • I dont need to say this, but still..ensure your tattoo artist is qualified enough to do this job and has the correct equipments for the same. Even if this means spending some more money, its all worth it at the end of the day. In some countries like the US, a permanent cosmetic technician should be registered with the FDA (food and Drug Association) and has to follow certain rules that have been put down by the FDA.
  • Ensure the artist uses only sterilised equipments and disposable needles.
  • Its a permanent commitment after all. What are you gonna do if you dont like it some years down the line. Tattoo removal is ofcourse an option but that may not be successful all the time. Results have proven that laser tattoo removal leave permanent scars in some cases and also cause infection etc.
  • You may not like the final outcome of the tattoo. It maybe too thin, too thick or too dark for your liking. Though some minor changes are possible by highly qualified technicians, they may not be possible in all cases. So think more than twice before getting it done.
The recovery period is pretty quick arnd 4-6 weeks. Though this is permanent makeup, the color does start fading over a period of time and a touch-up maybe required after some years.
And before signing off, leaving you with some pics of the results of cosmetic tattooing...all pics courtesy Google Images :)

And now that you didnt get bored and have actually read through the whole post, why dont you tell me what do you feel about permanent makeup? As far as I am concerned...Though I am tempted to get eyebrow tattooing done but on a more serious thought I guess I am pretty happy with my facial assests the way they are...I wouldnt like to get any permanent makeup done to them...and we are not that bad with the temporary makeup bit also na :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack Review

Face packs are supposed to be this really great product which provides instant glow to the face. Use a face pack before a special occassion/party and you are ready to go!! However I personally feel, they work wonderfully for oily skin people more compared to dry-normal skin people. I have heard a lot of my oily-skinned friends really rave about some of the face packs they use...saying it instantly takes off the oily effect from their face and gives a very nice glow. However most of the face packs I've used till now fail to give these kind of glowing results to my skin :(

What it claims : A unique formulation of nautral ingredients that rejuvenates the facial skin. Enchriched with Apple, a rich source of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that nourish and improve the skin glow. Fig and Cucumber provide cooling effect to your skin. Papaya removes freckles and smoothens the skin. Fuller's Earth soothes the skin and removes blackheads and deeply embedded impurities.

As the tube mentions, this face pack is meant for normal to dry skin. The ingredient list looks quite impressive with Apple, Fig, Papaya etc. Though I am wondering wht is fuller's earth doing in a face pack for normal to dry skin?? I mean isnt it like a HG product for oily skin??

Price : Rs. 100 for 75 gm

The face pack itself is yellow-colored with a creamy texture. The fragrance is quite pleasant so you wouldnt dislike applying this on your face.

I usually apply this with my fingers and once I am done with the application I notice a slight yellow coloration on the fingers I've used to apply. The first time I used it, I was scared that this face pack would leave a similar coloration on my face too !!! but that isnt the case...the yellow coloration on the fingers goes away in a like a min or so.

Face packs are supposed to be used once a week. Also, always keep a gap of 2 days between using face pack and scrub.

What I like about Himalaya Fruit Pack
  • When I use this pack I do feel my skin firming up but nothing that would get uncomfortable
  • The fragrance is quite pleasant. Fragrances matter to me in face packs since you apply it quite close to your nose, you wouldnt want to put anything on your face which would not smell good rite?
  • The ingredients look quite attractive and I am hoping they are doing some good to my skin though I am not really able to see that :P
  • It doesnt leave my skin totally dry. My skin feels soft after using this face pack.
  • Himalaya does not test on animals

What I dislike about Himalaya Fruit Pack
  • It does nothing great for my skin. I cannot see any difference at all on my face after using this so I dont see any point in using this.
  • It claims to remove blackheads but I could not see any such effect even after using this for a long time. I am about to finish my tube now so I've tried this pack enough to show the results.
  • I dont get any such refreshing feeling after using this face pack.
This pack didnt really work for me but thats just my personal experience. I am definately not buying this again. Have been thinking of trying the Lotus fruit pack now.

Which face pack are you currently using? Which is your HG face pack?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Discount on Eye Products at Inglot,Mumbai

Inglot is having a 15% discount on all its eye products starting today!!! So everyone eyeing the pencils and eyeshadows rush to Inglot now!!!

And do let us know what you picked!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Review

I am really liking Inglot alot these days...they have some really nice stuff to offer and everytime I go to their store I am always tempted to buy something but I just resist myself. All those in Bombay who have still not visited the Inglot outlet...guys goooo!!!!

Inglot has around 6 ranges of eyeliner pencils one of which is the Soft Precision Eyeliner which I what I am gonna talk about today.

The Inglot Soft Precision Liner comes in 22 gorgeous shades...and when I say gorgeous...they are reallllyyy gorgeous...see for yourself...

I loved the shade #43 from above set and 32 from below. Arnt they gorgeous ??

Price : Rs. 460 for 1.13gm

The shade I have is # 22 which is a dark chocolate brown shade with lovely gold shimmer. Its one of my most used colored eyeliner. This shade does not show much when I apply it directly on my eyelids so the way I use it is with a light brown eyeshadow. I use it either with the lid color of the Maybelline Chai Latte Quad or a slightly shimmery brown e/s I have from VOV...Apply the e/s on the lid, then the Inglot eyeliner and smudge the liner to give a lovely neutral brown look which can be worn just about anywhere. 

Here are the swatches of Shade # 22.

What I like about Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Pencils
  • These pencils are really smooth and soft to apply on the eyelids. They glide-on easily without tugging the eyes
  • These can be smudged easily to create the look you desire
  • Huge range of 22 beautiful colors to choose from
  • The staying power of these pencils is around 5-6 hours which is not bad.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • These eyepencils come off easily at the end of day, you dont need to really rub your eyes to take it off.
  • Inglot products are paraben-free and not tested on animals :)

What I dont like about Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner Pencils
  • Its not totally smudge-free.
  • I couldnt find a gold color in this. After using #22 I wanted to buy this pencil in gold but was disappointed.
Another general complaint I have with Inglot is that they dont name their products, instead they no. it...I hope they change this. Its so difficult to rem nos. as compared to names  :(

Do give this pencil a shot at your next visit to Inglot...I am sure you would definately love one of the gorgeous colors!!
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