Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deepika Padukone & Imran Khan unveil the 'Break ke Baad' apparel line at Shoppers Stop

Bollywood heartthrobs Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan stole every heart as they unveiled the fashionable 'Break ke Baad' apparel line at Shoppers Stop, Juhu today afternoon and I got the chance to be there to bring the action direct to you!!

It being a holiday today was quite convenient for me to manage to attend this even which was being held at SS, Juhu today afternoon starting 1 pm and am I glad I could attend this event?? Oh yes!!!! It was such a fun event.

Here are some pics from the launch event

Dressed in character, Deepika & Imran both looked stunning. Deepika was wearing a short dress with plain white upper half and floral print on the lower half of the dress. She finished it with a broad grey belt which gave such a nice definition to her waistline. Her makeup was very light and fresh. She looked totally fresh, glowing and lovely.

Heres a pic of them with the Director of the movie Danish Aslam

BKB Director Danish Aslam, Deepika Padukone & Imran Khan

 Unveiling the BKB Apparel line

Speaking on the occasion, Deepika said, "I'm so glad to be able to extend my style statement in 'Break ke Baad' to Shoppers Stop customers. I personally love each and every outfit I wore in the movie. My character, 'Aaliya', is a fun-loving and determined girl and her fashion in the movie reflects her boisterous nature. I'm sure Shoppers Stop cusotmers will love the trendy, chic clothers of 'Break Ke Baad' that Life has so perfectly recreated."

Imran added, "The Break Ke Baad apparel line is in complete sync with Abhay's signature style in the movie. The striped Polo Tees are my personal favorite. Its great that our fans can now not only enjoy the movie, but also have a taste of the fashion of 'Break Ke Baad' with Life's apparel line exclusively at Shoppers Stop. "After unveiling of the apparel line, Deepika and Imran answered questions from the media.

Deepika and Imran taking questions from the media

I loved the lipstick she was wearing and wanted to ask her which one it was but didnt get the chance ;) :P

And just some more pics.....hope you are enjoying!!

Got to meet some other bloggers there as well...and in all it was a really lovely experience for which I cannot thank Shivani enough as she was the one who made it possible. So if you guys too enjoyed reading this and looking at the pics pls drop in a thank you note to Shivani.

Break Ke Baad sounds like a fresh and young movie. It releases on 26th gonna go watch it?

Coming Up : Break Ke Baad Merchandise Pics...Stay Tuned :)


  1. hey lovely post and the pics too dear :)

  2. yay, i am glad you enjoyed doing this. No problem hon...glad was able to help you out :)

  3. Thanks Rash...waiting to see ur post on this now :)

  4. Yeah Shivani...we enjoyed alot!!! Thanks aton!!

  5. hey gurl... very well written... loved this post :)

  6. Me too liked..kind of saw the event through the eyes of Rashmi and You..and thanks to Shivani for giving all of us an opportunity to be there-in person or otherwise :-)

    HD - did ya speak to Imran ;-)

  7. Hey..btw..the header is fab..Actually speaks of "Bombay, beauty and more"

  8. @ Neha : Thank you dear...we'll check out the collection at SS soon :)

  9. Poorni I am so glad that I n Rashmi could bring this virtually in front of you...n no didnt get to speak him this time....but I have got that chance in the past once ;)

    You liked the header? thanks sooo much!!!! :)


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