Thursday, November 11, 2010

Khadi Badam Whitening Scrub Review

When Tanveer reviewed the Khadi Mauri Face Wash 2 days back, it reminded me of my Khadi Scrub review which was lying in draft for some I finally got to clicking the pics and heres my take on this Khadi product

The Khadi Badam Scrub comes in the packaging which is very standard to all Khadi products...its a plastic bottle with a nozzle type of opening. 

What it claims :

An ayurvedic almond based face scrub which imparts natural nourishment effect to the skin. Removes blackhead and scars from the skin.

Active Ingredients :

Price : Rs. 115 for 210 ml

The scrub is whitish-creamish in color with very much visible almond granules. The granules are of medium size..not very small n gentle neither very huge n harsh. The paste as such is of creamy consistency.

What I Like about this Khadi Scrub :
  • It does its job as a scrub very well. The granules are not very small and gentle, neither are they very harsh. They are medium sized which work very well even on areas like the nose.
  • It smells very nice, so you would enjoy using this
  • The texture of the scrub is very creamy hence the almond granules dont hurt.
  • It leaves my skin really soft and nice
  • You dont really need a lot of product, just a decent amount is enough. The amount of granules in the paste is quite good.
  • Its an ayurvedic product, if we believe by what Khadi says
  • The packaging is quite good and the nozzle helps you control the amount of product you want to take out.
  • It claims whitening properties which I am not too sure of, but we all know how good almond is for the skin.

What I dont like about this Khadi Scrub :
  • Getting hold of Khadi products is a hugeee pain. They are not easily available and even at places where I've seen some Khadi products the stock is never consistent.

I recently came to know abt the Khadi Irla store from Tanveer...will definately check it out when I go there next. I have been hunting for a good store where I can find all Khadi products but to no vail till now.

If you can manage to find this, do give it a shot once. I have not been disappointed with any of the Khadi products I have used till date including this one. I only wish if they were easier to find, there is so much I want to explore from their range.


  1. i have not explored this brand..will give it a try soon .:)

  2. ya do explore...if u can find this :)

    I read that pasta receipe of yours, but not able to comment...same prob which I mentioned to you few days back, so will comment later in the eve...

    That receipe is yummyy....I looove pastaaa...

  3. Didn't know u had a blog until now HD! :O.
    I think I want this...sounds goody! :)


  4. ohh..its not very old..just started like a month back...welcome here :)

    You shud try Khadi products if u manage to find it...they are not tht easily available

  5. n thanks for following Cynthia :)

  6. is this khadi brand is same as the "khadi gramodyog" one?

  7. yeah bulbul...on a broader scale it is all part of khadi gramodyog...this scrub is manufactured by Manav Seva Samiti Khanjarpur

  8. okay,actually we have a lot of khadi gramodyog shops here in kolkata. and i am really tempted by this brand,i even read ur another khadi post on imbb. i shall definitely check those khadi gramodyog shops.

  9. yeah do check though I am not sure of the stocks at gramodyog stores...yeah I had reviewed the Pudina cleanser which is also really good...lemme know if u find these products anywhere in kol :)

  10. m looking for khadi rose water itssss awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just awesome :) i was wating for u to give me this ???? u forgot ???

  11. give u?? u mean get another bottle for u?

  12. n thnks for following dear :)

  13. Nice review HD. I have been eyeing a lot os Khadi skin care stuff for a looong time now. Unfortunately, they are rare to find in Blr..even in the stores where we find them, the product are just random..Hoping to get something from Delhi.

  14. Ohh I saw this at that Khadi sale, but since I was on a ban and allowed only basics like facewash & moisturiser I had to skip this :(.. Maybe once I finish my random pots of scrub at home, I will get this. I love almond based products, they suit my skin very well & I make a lot of almond packs at home myself :)

  15. Oh! Finally I get to see this. :) n think Khadi makes pretty goos face products. ENjoying using them myself. The best thing is that they last pretty long so you don't have to worry too much once you get hold of a bottle.

  16. thanks Poorni...same is this case here...I've spotted Khadi products at Bombay Stores and Beauty Centre but the stock is just random..but I think the store Tanveer is mentioning about seems to be having a good stock..I will check out that place soon :)

  17. I think Tanveer I need to visit this place ur mentioning!! It seems to be having a good stock of Khadi products..where exactly at Irla is this?

    Yeah do try this when your ban is lifted...BTW when is it happening ?

    Home-made packs sound gooood....have u put that in posts on ur blog? I'll check it up thn

  18. yeah had been thinking of reviewing since long...ppl shud knw abt these awesome Khadi products :) I am loving them too :)

    Not only does the bottle last long, its very reasonably priced too so doesnt hurt to haul as well :)

  19. I find the fact that Khadi pdts last so long a problem :D, I guess I just have a short attention span. Nice review tho H

  20. hehehe...but u know since they are economically priced even if u ignore thm for some while it wouldnt hurt u :) u shud try some khadi products if u find them anywhere...Rashmi likes their rose water alot !!

  21. The store is in between Papilion - that small eating joint & Kangaroo Kids in Irla market, there is a huge gate - like the entrance to some fort or something.. It's pretty hard to miss actually. They are closed on Sundays I think..

    This is their address:

    3, Gramodaya
    Vile Parle West (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056
    Phone: 022 26711003

  22. Oh yea, I lifted my ban yesterday.. After 2 mnths... but over these last 2 mnths I have been mulling over how much stuff I have & I cldn't shop at all yesterday! I just bought that lakme rose trio blush & a gloss from jordana.. Everytime I picked up something a voice in my head would pop up & be like - "You already have something similar to this! Put it back.." :( :(

  23. LOL!!!! I knw wht ur saying..happened w me today too when I went to Inglot...rite now the only thing which I feel I dont hv n need is a gold pencil eyeliner but not able to find the kind of shade I want...

    Had gone to Inglot today w Rashmi...tght we could meet up but I guess u didnt get the msg on time...

    Oh n thnks for the add...I knw Papillion n Kangaroo Kids...will plan to go there soon :) I mean to Khadi :)

  24. hey tanz and hd i have seen this gate :) i saw this i saw this .. its near the car parking entrance ..
    hd will go together dear i so much want some products :)
    i askd dev is it okay for u tomm :)

  25. no..I dont think it can be ordered online :( where do u put up?


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