Saturday, November 27, 2010

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack Review

Face packs are supposed to be this really great product which provides instant glow to the face. Use a face pack before a special occassion/party and you are ready to go!! However I personally feel, they work wonderfully for oily skin people more compared to dry-normal skin people. I have heard a lot of my oily-skinned friends really rave about some of the face packs they use...saying it instantly takes off the oily effect from their face and gives a very nice glow. However most of the face packs I've used till now fail to give these kind of glowing results to my skin :(

What it claims : A unique formulation of nautral ingredients that rejuvenates the facial skin. Enchriched with Apple, a rich source of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that nourish and improve the skin glow. Fig and Cucumber provide cooling effect to your skin. Papaya removes freckles and smoothens the skin. Fuller's Earth soothes the skin and removes blackheads and deeply embedded impurities.

As the tube mentions, this face pack is meant for normal to dry skin. The ingredient list looks quite impressive with Apple, Fig, Papaya etc. Though I am wondering wht is fuller's earth doing in a face pack for normal to dry skin?? I mean isnt it like a HG product for oily skin??

Price : Rs. 100 for 75 gm

The face pack itself is yellow-colored with a creamy texture. The fragrance is quite pleasant so you wouldnt dislike applying this on your face.

I usually apply this with my fingers and once I am done with the application I notice a slight yellow coloration on the fingers I've used to apply. The first time I used it, I was scared that this face pack would leave a similar coloration on my face too !!! but that isnt the case...the yellow coloration on the fingers goes away in a like a min or so.

Face packs are supposed to be used once a week. Also, always keep a gap of 2 days between using face pack and scrub.

What I like about Himalaya Fruit Pack
  • When I use this pack I do feel my skin firming up but nothing that would get uncomfortable
  • The fragrance is quite pleasant. Fragrances matter to me in face packs since you apply it quite close to your nose, you wouldnt want to put anything on your face which would not smell good rite?
  • The ingredients look quite attractive and I am hoping they are doing some good to my skin though I am not really able to see that :P
  • It doesnt leave my skin totally dry. My skin feels soft after using this face pack.
  • Himalaya does not test on animals

What I dislike about Himalaya Fruit Pack
  • It does nothing great for my skin. I cannot see any difference at all on my face after using this so I dont see any point in using this.
  • It claims to remove blackheads but I could not see any such effect even after using this for a long time. I am about to finish my tube now so I've tried this pack enough to show the results.
  • I dont get any such refreshing feeling after using this face pack.
This pack didnt really work for me but thats just my personal experience. I am definately not buying this again. Have been thinking of trying the Lotus fruit pack now.

Which face pack are you currently using? Which is your HG face pack?


  1. I am using Lotus mud pack nowadays and my HG are my home made neem face packs..

    nice review girl

    by the way I had pao bhaji yesterday and i was thinking of u :D

  2. I have used the Cucumber peel off pack from Himalaya & also found it very disappointing.. did nothing for my skin :P

  3. I had used this quite a while ago..but like Tan said, never did anything miraculous for my skin..In fact, I never bought a fruit pack after that..Now considering Biotique :-)

  4. i love fruit packs,,will try this for sure...nice review by the way...

  5. I have this, and it doesnt do anything for me....cant see no diference! there is this one mud pack from dabur vatika which i looovvvve..

  6. I like Himalaya neem 1...n dabur vatika...
    y d gap of 2 days between pack n scrubbing ?

  7. Hey have oily skin na?? mud packs absorb oil from the skin na? so its not meant for dry-normal skin...thats the reason I dont try neem packs too :)

    hahahaha chalo atleast you remembered me while eating something good :) how was ur weekend?

  8. ohhh :( I am currently using the Fab India Coral Glow pack and its quite good actually...any other pack which showed good results Tanveer? Did you do any shopping at Inglot over the weekend?

  9. Poorni...biotique products dont work that well for me somehow..I've tried their milk protein pack or let down :(

  10. Hey SSG...thanks :) didnt really work for me...but u might give it a shot...who knows it just might work well for you :)

  11. Hey Mehak...I am glad to find out I am not liked a odd species on whom this pack didnt work...guess this one is sure a miss from Himalaya as many didnt find this good...mud pack from dabur ha?? lemme hunt for that

  12. Bhumika...isnt the neem pack for oily skin? Dabur seems to be having some good face packs...have to def try that!!

    2 days gap is to give some time to the skin to recover from the wear & tear of scrubbing did u do any shopping last week??

  13. I have combi i use d neem pack sumtyms..esp wen I break dabur vatika is nice n cheap..i loved it..yup i did lots of shopping...will post it now...

  14. ya..thats wht na..neem works v well for oily wont work on my dry-normal skin...I'll surely try dabur vatika..

  15. never tried this but i love himalaya's face washes ... have to see which one from this will suit me.
    but i love coral glow too :) its lovely na

  16. Hey HD, as you said............does nothing great for the skin....but a must have for me :)

  17. Rashmiiii....ya Himalaya Facewashes are good...but this was a huge let down for me :( Coral glow is fab!!

  18. Jomol...does nothing gr8 still must have??? I m confused :(


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