Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back Again and Moving..

I have again been missing in action from quite some days now :( But now I am back in action and at a new address :) moved my blog to a new site . Hopefully I will not go missing again..Hope to see everyone around at the new site..Pls update your google readers :)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Product I am loving these days :)

This is one of my most used products these days :) Most bloggers would be aware about this product and many might be owning it too...but those who are seeing it for the first you wanna take a guess what it is?

Have a look at the pics and take a guess! Whats in these cute round dabbas??


I hope you are guessing...
Okayyy...enough of the suspense...these are lipbalms!!! Tada!!!

EOS Lipbalm Summer Fruit & Honeysuckle Honeydew

EOS Lipbalm!! Arent these the cutest lipbalms you've come across!! I just love them and whenever I am at home I have this cute anda in my hand always and I keep applying it after every few mins/hrs as it pleases me :)

These arnt available in India..they are widely available and very popular in the US so I asked my brother to send a couple of these with someone who was visiting India...yes..I asked for couple of these as they were pretty cheap so wanted to stock up...but I am not left with any stock now...actually I asked him to send for myself and mom and another one as an extra but I gave away that extra one to a friend so no backup left now :(

When I got these there were 4 flavours available Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint & Lemon Drop with SPF 15...I wanted the one with SPF but it was out of stock so I got Honeysuckle Honeydew for myself which has a slight sweet flavour to it when applied to lips...Got Summer Fruit for mom...They have added a new flavour lately which is medicated tangerine..

Some product claims (from the website)
  • 95% Organic & 100% Natural
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Shea butter & Vitamin E
  • Guten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Petrolatum Free
  • Phthalate Free
Looks quite impressive...isnt it?

These lipbalms are easily available at all drugstores in US and can be ordered online too for shipping within can visit their site for more details....

Price : 3.29$ quite cheap isnt it??   Even if you have to ask someone to get it, wont hurt anyones pocket much :P

I am soon gonna get Lemon Drop with SPF 15 and Medicated Tangerine for myself!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NOTD : Maybelline Colorama Silver Plum

Pinks is one of my fav colors as far as lippies and nailpaints are concerned and no surprise that I picked up this shade 'Silver Plum' the moment I saw it at the counter. It is a beautiful medium pink shade with slight shimmer. As per the SA, this is a new launch by Maybelline alongwith another shade 'Nude' which is a matte pinkish nude color.

The quality is really excellent. The pics you see are after 4 days of application with top coat. Still almost as good as new :)

Definately one of my favs :)

My nails have def improved in the last 1 month thanks to the Colorbar Nail Repair :D :D :D You can see the difference quite evident if you compare my nails to my previous NOTD done almost a month back here

What do you think ?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Maybelline Ultra Liner Review

What it claims :
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge Proof
  • Wont fade or flake
  • Contact lens safe
  • Allergy tested
Maybelline Ultra liner is a liquid liner which comes in a small grey bottle. The brush handle is much longer than the other liquid liner I've been using until now which is the Lakme Insta liner.

The longer handle gives a very nice control while using this liner. This liner comes in 2 and brown.

The consistency of the liner itself is quite creamy and not very runny. The brush is kind of tapered and thin..which again helps in fine lining.

Price : Rs, 225 for 7.3 ml

Ingredients :

What I like about this liner :
  • The brush handle is quite long which gives an excellent control while lining. Much better control that smaller handle brushes. The thin brush helps you line your eyes with a very thin and precise line. You can always thicken the line as per your requirement.
  • With this liner I can define a precise thin line along my lower lashline. I cant do this with my Lakme eye artist or Lakme Insta Liner. 
  • As per the claim, the liner does not flake when on the eyelids.
  • The shade of the liner is a very basic black...Nothing very matte, nothing glossy.
  • The effect this liner leaves is quite nice and soft and this even merges well with my kajal when applied on the lower lashline. Unlike some liquid liners the liner edges are not very stark or harsh.
  • When you try taking off the liner with a makeup remover / cleanser, it just flakes off as against getting disolved which is the case with some liquid liners. When the liner gets disolved, the whole eye area blackens and then you have to clean off the whole mess, but with this liner, the liner just comes off and does not blacken the eye area which I love...since I am not left with a messy eye posting cleansing.  
  • As per claim, it is waterproof and smudge proof

What I dont like about this liner :
  • Though it is not priced extremely high, I feel it could still be priced lesser at maybe arnd 150 bucks or something..I find it priced a little on the higher side.
  • I would love to see this in more colors like dark blue, eggplant etc
  • Like I mentioned above, the liner when removed does not disolve but more of flakes sometimes when these tiny liner flakes enter the eyes by mistake they irritate the eyes which bothers me.
  • I would like this in a transparent packaging so that I know how much product is remaining exactly in the bottle. I have no clue how much liner is there is the bottle right now so it just might happen that I run out of liner one fine morn while I am done with 1 eye and trying to line my other eye :P
  • It starts fading slightly after around 7-8 hrs but nothing that a teeny-weeny touch up cant handle :)
Would I buy this again : Yes !! Actually, I havnt bought this one in the first place :P I go this as a free gift on purchase of some Maybelline products some months back and out of the various choices I had I am glad I picked up this liner. I am thinking of getting the brown one soon ;)

As we all know, no kajal stays on the waterline for long. I like to 'lock' my kajal with this liner on the lowerlash line and love the final outcome!

Which is your go-to liquid eyeliner?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lakme Glide-On Eyeliner Review

Lakme Glide-on eyeliner pencils have been around for some time in the market. The older shades include Bronze, Heena Gold (Love this shade..might get it soon :)), a pink shade (this one is a very weird shade!!) , black(sorry dont rememeber all names) . As part of the Lakme Night Fever Collection, Lakme launched 3 more shades in this range..Plush Purple, Warm Copper & Aqua Green.

I have the shade Plush Purple. 

Price : Rs. 275

Plush Purple is a medium purple shade.

What I like about Lakme Glide-on eyeliner :
  • True to its name, it glides on the eyelids without tugging or hurting at all.
  • The staying power is very good. It stays through the day without fading. This without any primer or base.
  • These do not smudge once set. You do get a few secs to smudge the liner if you like immediately after applying.
  • I like pencils which can be sharpened compared to retractable ones so this fits the bill :)
  • Does not irritate eyes at all. Though I dont have very sensitive eyes. I am not sure if this is safe to be worn on the waterline?

What I dont like about Lakme Glide-on eyeliner :
  • It is expensive. Specially when you compare it to other similar eyepencils which come at a lesser price.
  • I prefer eyepencils which have the end of the pencil in the same color as the shade, makes it easier to spot amongst all the ones you have. This one comes in a black pencil with a transparent cover, so that is the only way to spot your pencil. Though currently I have only 1 pencil from this range but will be an issue if I add more colors.
Would love to see more colors in this range. Infact I have completely fallen in love with colored pencil eyeliners since last couple of months...except for 1 or 2 all my colored pencils are bought in the last few months and I am always on the lookout for more shades to add to my collection. Anyone any suggestions for a particular shade or range of eye pencils?

Which shade from this range do you have? Which is your fav?

Edited to Add :

For swatches of more shades from this range go here

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Heres wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year!!!

Hope all your wishes come true in 2011!!
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