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Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Review

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick range is said to have been discontinued after the launch of the Maybelline Colorsensational Range and when colorsensational was launched, the SA had told me that only the existing stock of Moisture extreme would be available, however even after so many months I still find the Moisture Extreme lipsticks available in the market and that makes me happy :) coz I love these lipsticks. 

The older version of these lipsticks came in a shiny red colored packaging with metallic type finish. The newer version is brown in color. I have 4 shades from this range Dusk, Silver Sand, Desert Bloom and Chestnut. 

The Chestnut one has Colorsensational Moisture extreme written on it while the other 3 have only Moisture Extreme so I am a bit confused on that part, but lets just ignore that. The tube of Chestnut lipstick is also brown in color but unlike the other 3, it is matte in finish and not shiny.

Price : Rs. 220 for 4 gm

Swatches of the 4 shades I own

824 Dusk : This is a light to medium brown color. Does not have any shimmer, just a light shine so though it is matte, the final look on the lips is not matte at all, has subtle shine.

A good shade for daily office wear use. I've used this alot when I was loving browns more than pinks but right now this one is getting a little ignored :P

827 Silver Sand : A light brown shade with sutle shimmer. Adds that slight shine to lips without any evident color.

This was my first purchase from Maybelline and from this lipstick range and my love for the moisture extreme lipsticks started with this one. I am currently on my second tube and this one also you can see I am about to finish...that shows how much I like this shade. Though like the Dusk one, this is also getting ignored a bit nowadays since I am liking pinks more than browns.

633 Desert Bloom : A light pink shade with extremely subtle golden shimmer.

This is one of my fav & most worn lipsticks from my entire collection. Its the perfect pink for me for office wear or casual day out. At times I pair this with the Colorsensational Lipgloss in Raspberry and they both go extremely well together. I am going to keep on buying this forever.

B41 Chestnut : A warm medium pink shade with no shimmer, only shine.

I sometimes combine this one and Desert Bloom to create a new pink shade which is inbetween these 2 to wear to office. I love this one too.

What I like about Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks :
  • Totally true to its claim of moisturizing. These lipsticks are awesomely moisturizing. Even when worn without a lipbalm these dont feel drying at all through the day.
  • Staying power is around 4-5 hours and even at the end of the day it leaves a nice tint on the lips. They dont vanish away completely
  • Extremely well priced @ Rs. 220. Totally worth it!! These were earlier priced at Rs. 180. Have bought my brown ones at that price and under an offer of buy 2 get 1 free!! Awesome deal!
  • These are very well pigmented. You dont need to rub the lipstick over and over again for the color to show. The color appears in the first swipe itself.
  • The Maybelline site mentions this has SPF15, though the lipstick itself does not have any such mention.
  • These are extremely light on the lips. Does not leave any heavy feeling.
  • The older ones i.e Dusk and Silver Sand dont have any fragrance. Desert Bloom and Chestnut have a very mild and pleasant vanilla fragrance.
What I dont like about Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks :
  • Due to the similar packaging it is very difficult to spot the lipstick you are looking for amongst all the moisture extreme lipsticks you own. I always have a hard time between Dusk and Silver Sand since they both have the same packaging. So a shade indicator on the packaging itself would have been really helpful.
  • You also cannot store you lipstick vertically with the lipstick name showing on top for easier spotting since the other side of the tube is rounded. So if you have to store it vertically standing, it will have to rest on the part that has the name, so again the hunt begins.
  • I would have definately liked if the staying power was better but at the price I am paying I totally dont regret what I am getting.
  • Would have liked some better color selection. Though the Maybelline website mentions 56 shades, I've seen only arnd 20 shades here. I would love to add more lipsticks from this range to my collection.
  • Ingredient list is not mentioned.
All in all, I love these lipsticks and for all of you who still havnt tried atleast one of these...pls do!! You wont regret it!

Whats you fav shade from the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Range ?


  1. Ohh I love these! I have Buff & windsor rose - these are total value for money :)

  2. haina...have u swatched Buff and Windsor rose? I want to buy more from this range...even if you keep on adding to your collection you dont feel guilty at all :D

  3. Great review and nice color selection. Thanks :)

  4. Wow...its my fave range too from Maybelline..have quite a few of them...

    Sierra Sunset, Raisin D'amber, Nougat and there is one more shade which I dont recollect the name now..

  5. I love this range....I love desert bloom and dusk..very beautiful shades.

  6. ohhh u got so many shades in this one...infact they are almost over :)

  7. Thanks Beautydiva :)

    @ Poorni : Now I have some more shades to explore from this range :)

    @ Rakshanda : Which shades do you have ? Desert Bloom is one of my fav!

    @ Anamika : Yeah its one of my fav ranges :)

  8. Nope, I am yet to do a post on this.. will swatch it soon :)

  9. okie..will wait for the swatches :)

  10. hey I was also gonna review these :D
    I have chestnut,silver sand n bronzy orange which is coral type..n m loving ittt...though chestnut I find a bit dark..coz m into light shades..I dunno what made me pick it up then..may be the lighting..

  11. :D actually same thing happened with me...I bght chestnut thinking as a different shade but it turned out to be different at home..but I like it nonetheless...yes it is a dark for me too to be worn to ofc so I use it w desert bloom when wearing it to ofc..try using it over a will tone down the shade :)

    wud love to see what you have to say abt these lippies


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