Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don Giovanni Restaurant @ Juhu

I guess by now most of my blogger friends know how big a foodie I am :) For those who dont...you know it now rite!!

I loooveee eating out and dont really have an absolutely fav cuisine...my food cravings all depend on my mood...and even my friends know that...so when I am out for dinner/lunch with 2 of my close friends its mostly upto me to decide what type of cuisine we want to eat...Luckily both of friends are as keen as me in trying new places so whenever we decide to go out for dinner / lunch we try to explore some new place and try not to repeat the same place...

Friday was one such day when we were out for dinner...and after many recos from friends and thinking alot we headed for Don Giovanni at Juhu..

I just thought of sharing my experience at this place with...sorry dont have any pics...though I was carrying my camera but was so engrossed in talking with my friends just didnt realise to take any pics..

Since it was a Friday night we thought it would be a better idea to book a table and go. While doing so we were informed that shorts and rubber slippers were not allowed...Yes thats the dress code there...if you may call it so..Though me and my friends didnt quite agree with it, however we didnt ponder over it much since we all were dressed appropriately. Anyways do keep in mind about this dress code anytime you plan to visit this plan, lest you be disappointed.

Location : Don Giovanni is located at Juhu..Same lane as Prithvi Theater...its in the same premise as Alfredos and Temple Flower but inside the gate unlike Alfredos and Temple Flower which is on the main road...

I remember going to this same location earlier, but there used to be a different restaurant there, which was owned by some producer/director..dont remember the name of that restaurant...Don Giovanni has opened there in Oct 09 I believe.

Just outside the entrance, there is a small shop selling handicrafts and clothes etc and we were quite interested in checking it out but just forgot about it while leaving.

There is an open bar to the left as soon as you enter the restaurant. There is also a small private dining area next to the open bar area which can be reserved for a huge group. The main dining area is quite well lite and the ambience was quite nice as well. There is an open dining area as well incase you prefer that. However since there was an open kitchen as well in that area, we thought it might be hot outside and hence preferred the AC dining area instead.

Left : Open Dining Area ; Right : Main Dining Aread
Food : Italain cuisine.

We ordered a vegetable soup, Penne Pesto Pasta and pizza (sorry dont rem the name).

The food was quite good...I specially liked the Pizza...it was thin crust with onion, aubergine etc toppings. The pasta itself did not have any toppings so we ordered brocolli and zuchhini toppings. The Pesto sauce with the pine nuts was delicious and the pasta quantity was also good. 

This place seems to be quite popular with foreign tourists as other than us there were guests on 2-3 other tables and they were all foreigners.

This meal for 3 costed us Rs. 1500. 

All Italian food lovers definately check out this place!! It serves some good Italian fare. 

Would I visit this place again : Yes for sure!


  1. i'm a foodie too, i have been trying to make pasta at home ..but not able to get the fresh herbs..its all processed thing that is available in the market...

  2. oh yeah...my experiments with home pasta making have also not been that successful :P so I dont miss any chance I get to eat some yummy pasta outside :)

  3. That sounds yummy...I went yest to ITC..there wer around 15-20 deserts...n so many thgs..!! v cudnt even try all...every1 was so full..

  4. yeah Bhumika...very yummy...u like Italian food? Did u go for buffet?? the desserts at most of the 5 stars are really awesome!!

  5. Ohh, this is so close to my place & I didn't know about this!! Thks for the review HD, I'll def check it out.

    I generally go to Little Italy to satisfy my Italian cravings :)

  6. I looove Little Italy!! But with friends I like to try new places :) If u like Italian food...u shud go to Mangii Ferra which is also v close to ur home...its rite opp Costa Coffee in Juhu Galli :)

  7. I love italian...Good review HD and moreover the place sounds quite pocket friendly too

  8. Thanks Poorni...the plc is moderately priced...I think the Pasta and Pizza were arnd 500-600 bucks each..so nt bad :)

  9. I love the Bruchettas at Lil Italy.. Really Mangii Ferra? Never been there too! I guess I do need to start going out a bit, will def visit. :)

  10. ya i love italian...little italy..n its named la pizzeria at pune and ludhiana..been there to !!
    ya v had buffet..n d deserts wer yumm...also had different types of cheese n hummus..tried d veg sushi..hated it !! it was totally bland..dunno wats d hype about it !

  11. Oh yeah Tanveer go to Mangii Ferra...they also have a branch named Cafe Mangii in Khar/Bandra..food is really good :)

  12. I too really like the food at Little Italy!! La pizzeria haan? Will keep in mind when I got to Pune/Ludhiana :) I knw a few friends who totally dislike sushi too...i mean its like raw meat...ewww....

  13. hey, y didnt u take pics of the food? :)This place really looks nice

  14. arre I mentioned na..we were so busy talking didnt rem to take pics :(

  15. heheheahhahh..I am sure u must be having some good Italian joints in Hyd...or do u have only biryani joints :P


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