Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lust List for Dec

Its raining Gold!! Well...not really but how I wish it would....Wedding season is around the corner....and thats making me fall in love with Gold all over again and hence no surprise that my lust list for Dec includes everything Gold :)

Simple & Elegant Gold Clutch :

Gold Sandals :

I dont wear such high stilletos but I looved these Jimmy Choos :)

Gold & White Watch :

Gold & White is one of my fav combos :)

How can any article related to Gold be complete without jewellery!!

Exquisite 18K Gold Earrings :

Arnt these totally trendy??

Gold Bangles :

Loved Loved Lovvveedd the intrinsic work !!


  1. Thanks Belle :) and welcome here :)

  2. hehe yeah Sharon..getting into the mood for the weddings round the corner :)

  3. ohhh god :) :) :) kya loon kya loon ??? pls helppp new yr around the corner and one month left for b'day :) .....
    ahem ahem my baby's b'day i mean hahaha

  4. i wanttttt dos sandals n earrings !!

  5. hahahah it to hubby and pick whtever he's willing to gift you :) :)

  6. Bhumika..totally lustworthy na :D :D

  7. Hey HD......all gold gold...I lurvvvvvvvvvved the watch....what a combination....white and gold..............

  8. hehe...we all know how much u love Gold!!! I love that combo too :)

  9. i love the earrings and the gold clutch... where did u spot them... tell me the shop where u saw these earrings... i for once want to splurge :)

  10. hehe...spotted these online..not at any shop :( but we can get it made also by showing the design :)

  11. hehe..yeah I guess its the wedding season taking its toll :)


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