Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colorbar Warm Eyeshadow Palette Review

The colorbar eyeshadow palettes are quite a nice set of eyeshadows to begin your e/s collection with. Priced decently, it has a nice combo of colors which can be worn by itself and paired with each other as well.

The palette comes in a sleek silver colored packaging with a small transparent covering on the top which makes it easier to spot incase you own both the palettes like me. There is also a mirror on the inside which is useful while travelling. It has a sponge tip applicator which is best ignored :)

Price : Rs. 499 for 9 gms (1.8 gms x 5)

The warm palette has 5 warm-toned eyeshadows : DUNE, BRUN, HUMID, PLUMFUL & MYSTERY

DUNE : This is a pink color with some peachy undertones. This color is less pigmented compared to the other 4 colors in the palette

BRUN : This is a dark brown shade.

HUMID : A dark olive green color.

PLUMFUL : A very pretty plum color.

MYSTERY : A taupe color

All the 5 shades have a very slight shimmer to them. The shimmer is nothing OTT.

What I like about Colorbar Warm Eyeshadow Palette :
  • The variety of colors is quite nice and all the colors are usable. There isnt a single color which I havnt been able to use until now.
  • The pigmentation is quite good. The swatches above are all without a primer.
  • The fallout is very less so you wont end up with e/s all over your cheeks while doing up your eyes.
  • The staying power is quite good. It has stayed upto 4-5 without fading and that too without any primer. Just concealer or foundation as a base. 
  • Very travel friendly. The packaging is quite sleek and compact which makes this very convenient to be carried around. 
  • Priced very decently for the amount and quality you get. This would be a very good palette for beginners who are just experimenting with colors and eyemakeup.  

What I dont like about Colorbar Warm Eyeshadow Palette :
  • These need to be patted on the eyelids and if you try 'painting' these shadows on the lids, the colors wont show at all.
  • Gets a bit difficult to blend at times
This may not be the best palette in the market but for the price I've paid I am quite happy with what I've got. I am not a pro at eye makeup and this palette is giving me good enough options to experiment and explore various colors.

Have you tried the colorbar palettes?

For more pics of the Colorbar Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches see below posts:

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  1. I love these colors every tym u post dem :D
    bt since now i have my 120 palette i wont get des..coz i hardly use those too..:p
    me too new new na..

  2. I've used this palette alot this wedding season :) After the 120 palette you shud not have the need to buy any more e/s colorwise :)

  3. wow !! m liking the colours !! <3

  4. Yeah Deeptima..I can imagine all the looks you can do with this palette :)

  5. Your review is very accurate - these are perfect for those new to makeup & also those who wear eyeshadows only to parties mostly. None of these can be worn to office :)

  6. oh yes..these are def not office wear kind of e/ kinda perfect for me :)

  7. those who have it r going to enjoy it on new year:)

  8. lovely pics as always :) ... let let me try my hands on the palette :) :)

  9. only one let ...
    let me try i mean :D :D

  10. madam! you have MAC e/s na then y do u need to try these?? these kind of e/s are for beginners like us not pros like u :P


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