Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Khadi Aloevera Moisturizing Lotion Review

Like all Khadi products, this aloevera moisturizer also comes in small transparent plastic bottle with a nozzle top.

What it claims :

Nourishing & Oil-free moisturiser which helps to replenish the lost skin moisture. Use after skin treatments. Can be used for all skin types.

Price : Rs. 85 for 210 ml

Active Ingredients :

The product is quite runny in consistency and of very light green color which is ofcourse due to aloevera. Due to the runny consistency, its quite easy to spread this lotion without any efforts at all.

What I Like about the Khadi Moisturizer :
  • It gets absorbed very easily and does not leave any greasy layer or feeling behind.
    Due to its runny consistency, its quite easy to spread this lotion and apply on hands, legs etc. You dont need to make any extra efforts to apply this.
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  • It does its job pretty decently. I mean its not a super product but works very decently for my normal-dry skin. I dont have super dry skin and I feel it wont work that well for super dry skin.
  • It does make my skin smooth and soft after application.
  • It has Aloevera which we all know is good for the skin.
  • Extremely resonably priced. It wont hurt you at all even if you dont use it for some time and its just lying there.
  • It claims to be oil-free hence I feel it should work well for oily skins.
  • Since its an aloevera moisturizer, it smells of aloevera but the fragrance is not very strong or overpowering. Its quite pleasant.
  • Packaging is easy to carry around. The nozzle opening is tight enough, never opened up or anything during travel but its neither too tight that its a pain to open.

What I dont like about the Khadi Moisturizer :
  • For the price I have paid, I am totally happy with the outcome. As I said earlier, its no wonder product, but works perfectly fine as a simple, no fuss moisturizer which I wouldnt mind having with me.
  • A grievance I have with Khadi as a brand...just too difficult to locate !!

So this was another Khadi product which didnt disappoint me. I got a Herbal Scrub with Sandalwood from Khadi over this weekend and now cant wait to try that. Khadi also has a Rose Moisturizer which is next on my list. 


  1. i wanna buy this for sure :) there is no khadi near my place

  2. ohhh forgot to ask u .. where did u got the new stuff from khadi ?? which store ??

  3. Sounds really nice ya! will get it once my khadi rose lotion gets over :)

  4. There is a Khadi store opp. Shoppers Stop Andheri...right next to RK the lane but they didnt have care stock was very limited...they only had hair oil, shampoos and the scrub which I cleanser, no body lotion, no other scrubs :( Its a branch of the main Khadi outlet at Irla..I think Irla has better stock..

  5. Yeah Taveer...its quite decent as a body lotion specially for the price we r u finding the rose one ? thats wht I wanna try next :)

  6. Hey...I like this..and I am so buying this. As such I am loving their products..bought the Kesar peel off scrub and its awesome.

  7. I had reviwed the Rose one on my blog.. It is meant for the face I think, & it is thicker than the one you have.. & I don't think that is oil free either.

  8. I wanna try so many thgs from khadi..d kesar peel off..n heard gud thgs bout rose moisturiser yup d availabilty is a pain..
    hows the online shop n delivery thg ?
    do u knw if sumone has tried ?

  9. Same here Poorni...havnt been disappointed with any of the Khadi products I have used till date...Tanveer told me abt this Khadi store but hvnt been able to go there...I hope I find some more products there..kesar peel-off scrub sounds interesting..I hope I find it there :)

  10. Oh okie..I'll go read it rite away :)

  11. Bhumika..theres a Khadi store at Irla which is supposed to have quite a decent stock, try there..I am also hoping to find some things which are on my list there...the store I recently visited didnt have a very impressive stock. No idea abt online shopping but I am not very confident abt it..The moisturizer bottle has a customer care no. and I was not at all happy with the response I got when I had called..

  12. ya I have this one too :), but I find it rather greasy on the face, works fine on the body tho. The bombay store has quite a range of Khadi right now,

  13. Ohh..It works fine for me on face as well, maybe coz u have oily skin?? but thn its supposed to be oil-free!! Which bombay store u talking abt? The bombay store at Inorbit never has any stock :( :(

    How are u doing otherwise? busy busy??

  14. seems to be a nice buy, but gripe abt khadi products are locating them....

  15. khadi has some good products but as u hav said its really hard to locate it

  16. yeah Rentu...Why cant we have just 1 decent store which stocks all products :(

  17. Anju : If you can, try gng to their store at Irla..they seem to have good stock..though I hvnt been there personally..but I have high hopes from tht store

  18. Do try HD..I also bought a foot soak..Next I am planning this moisturiser as well as almond scrub etc

  19. i wish to try khadi so much but sadly i have not seen it here:(

  20. Almond scrub is goood..hows the foot soak..I shud make my list before I go :D

  21. I knw anu..if its so hard to locate here I can imagine in Hyd...but hey if u have a long list u can let me know...I'll send stuff for u..I am saying long list coz send 1 or 2 things wont make sense..

  22. Try any of The Bombay Store in Vashi, Pune, Fort

  23. Hey Monica...thanks for your comment...Vashi and Pune would be tooooo far for me but I will surely try at Fort :)


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