Friday, October 1, 2010

Lust List for Oct

It’s the beginning of a new month…this year went by so quickly isn’t it…atleast for me it did….It just feels like some days back that the new year 2010 had begin…and here we are already in Oct 2010…another 3 months and end to another year!!

I thought of sharing with you guys some of the things I am lusting over…these are not particularly makeup related stuff…but includes accessories, bags, shoes etc…everything!!

Like most girls…my shopping interests don’t include only makeup and skincare etc but I love all things good…accessories, bags, shoes, clothes…did I miss anything??

Tod’s  Leather bag

Pic courtesy : Tod’s

Isnt this like the perfect tote?? The color, texture, style everything!!

Sophia Kokosalaki Gold plated draped necklace

Picture Courtesy : Sophia Kokosalaki

Though this is slightly OTT for my personal taste, this could add the necessary dash of style to any simple outfit IMO.

Alejandro Ingelmo Flats

Pic Courtesy : Alejandro Ingelmo

Illamasqua Nail Paint in Blow

Pic Courtesy : Illamasqua

This looks like the perfect yellow paint to me....neither too bright, nor too dull.

Gucci Pump Heels in Nude

Pic Courtesy : Gucci

Who doesnt like nude pumps?? Anyone?? I wish I could get one of these for myself.

Did you like anything from this list?

What are you lusting after  currently?


  1. Me like nude pumps. :P

    And congos for the blog.. :) Yay!!

  2. they are soo droolworthy na :)

    Thanks Rati :D

  3. everything ... hey u knew my answer na ??

    but yeah i do wanna have evrything u mentioned ...
    hey my list is growing :(

  4. Illamasqua Nail Paint in Blow.. thats the only think that looks like has no leather in it!:P and the necklace would inflict pain on me! so no!:P:P:P

  5. I soo want that bag Rashmi :)

    Ik : I dont think the necklace would be uncomfortable to wear ? I had one in this type in artificial when I was small..

  6. I lust the bag and flats, we sure have some expensive tastes :P

  7. Lets find a dupe for the bag Renuca :) I want it!!


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