Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chambor Lip Tattoo Liner # 03 Review

I was looking for a nude lip liner since some time…something which I could use with most of my lipsticks…I didn’t want to go and buy a lip liner for each of my lipsticks…Actually till not very long ago I didn’t even use lip liners that much…but wanted to buy one as I felt it would def give a better finish to my lipsticks and also help in increasing the staying power of the lipstick.

A friend of mine suggested the Chambor mechanical lip pencil she has been using in Nude…but I was not so keen on it since I prefer the sharpable ones compared to mechanical ones…But I thought I’ll buy it if I find the kind of nude shade I was looking for…

When I went to the Chambor counter and asked for nude colored lip pencil, the SA first showed me the lip tattoo pencil in no. 03 and my search ended there..

Chambor Lip Tattoo Pencil comes in approx 5-6 shades, most of which are nude kind of shades…

The lip liner pencil is brown in color with a silver cap. The end part of the pencil is of the same shade as the lip  liner. The shade no. is mentioned at the end of the lip liner below the cute rose-type Chambor logo.

Price : Rs. 325

What it claims :
  • Multipurpose
  • Water Proof
  • Precise Shapes and definition to the lips
  • Extra ordinary quality
  • An innovation in itself
  • Revealing the True & Trustworthy companion

What I like about Chambor Lip Tattoo Liner:
  • The most imp. thing which I loved the most in this lip pencil is its creamy texture!!! It is extremely smooth and creamy on application. Does not tug the lips at all even when I try filling up my entire lips with the pencil. I have not used many other lip pencils so wouldn’t be able to compare with others but this one is very creamy.
  • For me it’s the perfectly matched nude shade. It goes with all my daily and casual wear lipsticks…I don’t need a separate one for each lipstick.
  • True to its claim of being non-transferable.
  • Again, true to its claim of being long-lasting. Even at the end of the day or during midway through the day…my lipstick would have faded but the liner is still there.
  • Perfect nude shade to be worn by itself too…When I don’t want any heavy color on the lips, I just fill my lips with the liner and top it with some nice gloss and it gives me the perfect nude lips :)
  • The price is very reasonable. I am sure it is going to last me a long time.
  • It does improve the staying power of my lipstick as it gives a layering to it.
  • The end of the pencil is of the same color as the lip pencil so its easier to spot from your stock.
Not too sure about its claim of being waterproof.. I didn’t try go swimming with it :P …but it does stay through numerous water drinking sessions through the day J

What I dislike about Chambor Lip Tattoo Liner:
  • The complete list of ingredients is not mentioned. I would have liked to know about the same. its not mentioned on the pencil and this pencil does not come in any box which mentions about the same neither does the website list it.
Other than this I have no complains about this lip pencil. It does its job well!!

However I am not sure how Chambor wished this to be multi-purpose ??…A lip pencil definitely not safe to be worn on eyes and I cant think of any other use of this pencil :D

Would I recommend this to others ?

Definately YES!!! It is always recommended to use lip liners for people with thin lips as it adds volume to the lips. Also if you face problems of bleeding lipstick, you definitely should use a lipliner and if you don’t want to buy a separate liner for each of your lipsticks like me..this one is for you!!

This nude lip liner is like a must have for me. I am always gonna keep one with me.

Do you use lip liners? Whats your favourite Nude Lip liner?


  1. A lip liner is a must have for me and I am ra great fan on Chambor products..i like their eyeliner range as well..this brand has actually been ignored a bit but most of its products are interesting and worth trying..isn't

  2. I have never tried Chambor at all..will check out soon..Their eye shadows are as such tempting me :-)

  3. Its become a must have for me too now Anamika as I cna truly see the diff it makes :) I totally agree with you...Chambor is a really nice and highly ignored brand :) This is my first product from Chambor and I am truly impressed...I have tried their Eye Tattoo pencil too and really like the texture and staying power :) Lipsticks are very creammy but their eyeshadows are a big let down...too much of fall out...wht all have u tried from Chambor?

  4. Poorni..this is my first product too...hvnt tried anything before from Chambor...I wud suggest you to try their eye tattoo pencils and lipsticks...the lipsticks are really creamy..but I didnt like their eyeshadows much...too much of fall out :(

  5. hi hd this one looks gr8.. me too hv a chambor lip liner u can see the review here

    also i have a pretty gud collection of chambor and i m loving all of it..

  6. hey thanks butterfly...I really want to explore this brand more..I am really liking this lip pencil

  7. thats a nice color..wud check it out..
    i think its similar to nude pink of colorbar..?

  8. yeah its a very nice color Bhumika...I found nude pink more pink on me...this was a better nude shade :)

    u awake till quite late..studying ?

  9. hey i have never tried their lip liners but this sure seems great

  10. it is try it out for sure :)

  11. ohh :( I know..reminds me of my college days...whn r ur exams getting over ?

  12. Such a pretty shade, I have a similar one from Jordana called Sexy Mauve.. I'm looking for a red lip liner so I'll def chk on Chambor :)

  13. Yes is a lovely nude shade...yes pls check Chambor...I am sure u will like it :)

  14. even i have jordana sexy it on tanveer's recco...:)
    exams on 22nd nov...:(
    CA exams r a pain...!!

  15. Oh cool...I am yet to explore Jordana too :)

    1 more month to go...oh god!!! Its like the study vacation we used to have...1 month before exams college closes for exam prep

  16. ohhh i was looking for this post for so long :)
    me loving the no 3 color so much and it looks perfect on you :)

  17. he he where were u looking?? it was rite here :) me 2 love this one :)

  18. oh...v need minimum 4 mths..n at d end v r still unprepared :p
    in which college wer u ? u also a commerce stdnt ?

  19. hehe...even 6 mths wouldnt be enuf for us :D

    nope me not a commerce student..did my engineering from Mumbai University :) We used to have something called study leave 1 month before exams and we used to start collecting all notes etc whn study lv began :D :D

  20. Hey that was a nice review. I was looking for a nude lipliner and I guess I ve hit the right place ! I am following your blog now and do have a look at mine if you get time ...

  21. Hey Chennai Ponnu...welcome here and am so glad I culd be of help...I will surely peek into your blogspace :)


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