Friday, January 7, 2011

Lakme Glide-On Eyeliner Review

Lakme Glide-on eyeliner pencils have been around for some time in the market. The older shades include Bronze, Heena Gold (Love this shade..might get it soon :)), a pink shade (this one is a very weird shade!!) , black(sorry dont rememeber all names) . As part of the Lakme Night Fever Collection, Lakme launched 3 more shades in this range..Plush Purple, Warm Copper & Aqua Green.

I have the shade Plush Purple. 

Price : Rs. 275

Plush Purple is a medium purple shade.

What I like about Lakme Glide-on eyeliner :
  • True to its name, it glides on the eyelids without tugging or hurting at all.
  • The staying power is very good. It stays through the day without fading. This without any primer or base.
  • These do not smudge once set. You do get a few secs to smudge the liner if you like immediately after applying.
  • I like pencils which can be sharpened compared to retractable ones so this fits the bill :)
  • Does not irritate eyes at all. Though I dont have very sensitive eyes. I am not sure if this is safe to be worn on the waterline?

What I dont like about Lakme Glide-on eyeliner :
  • It is expensive. Specially when you compare it to other similar eyepencils which come at a lesser price.
  • I prefer eyepencils which have the end of the pencil in the same color as the shade, makes it easier to spot amongst all the ones you have. This one comes in a black pencil with a transparent cover, so that is the only way to spot your pencil. Though currently I have only 1 pencil from this range but will be an issue if I add more colors.
Would love to see more colors in this range. Infact I have completely fallen in love with colored pencil eyeliners since last couple of months...except for 1 or 2 all my colored pencils are bought in the last few months and I am always on the lookout for more shades to add to my collection. Anyone any suggestions for a particular shade or range of eye pencils?

Which shade from this range do you have? Which is your fav?

Edited to Add :

For swatches of more shades from this range go here


  1. Wow this shade is lovely!! Will surely check out some more of these:))
    Hey check out my new website-

  2. hey..u got a new site..thats nice..will check it out :)

  3. both posts same time :D

    actually now looking at this swatch i m liking this one too...

  4. i have henna dats veru light..hardly shows up on eyes...purple is pretty too..

  5. Ya anu..thats wht..I posted this and wnt to ATB and saw the swatches!! This is a pretty shade..I love wearing it on my lower lashline with kajal on the waterline :)

  6. ohh..i liked the swatches of heena gold so was thinking but now I am having double tghts after ur comment :)

  7. LOL! Co-incidence!! Or Not - Synchronicity it is called - Great Minds think alike.. ok, enuf with the PJs..

    Thks for the link love babes. I have this plush purple with me - it is quite an occasional wear shade for me - I have a purple dress & it goes very well with that :).. I love this range of eyeliners :D

  8. hey does it irritate once applied on the lower lashline,

  9. I knw...I kinda freaked out for a sec and even refreshed the page to confirm LOL!! gr8 minds think alike :D :D I like that :) :)

    I hv couple of purple tops n all so it goes with those plus I love to experiment with different colored liners on lower lashline with my plain black and white tops so anything that doesnt get used more often otherwise, gets used w blakc n white :D:D

  10. Hey Rentu..this does not irritate or bother my eyes at all when applied on the lower lashline..infact many times when I've used this on the lower lashline some of the liner does go to the waterline too but I've never faced any problem with this liner ..

  11. very pretty color :) ... i want henna gold too , i love the texture of these very smooth and creamy :D :D

  12. yeah henna gold is v pretty now but after Bhumika mentioned it does not show up on her I am doubting it for myself too..

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I love these as well. I have henna gold, smokey green & baked bronze. As someone mentioned above, henna gold is barely visible as an eye liner on me. But these are so creamy that I even use them as eye shadow. I have sensitive eyes & can safely use these on the lower lashline.

  15. Hey HD hope you follow my site too:)

  16. If couple of you are facing this issue w Heena Gold then I guess even I shud give it a miss..will face the same prob :) I'll have a look at baked bronze soon...quite liked that one too :) oh god..our list never ends na :P

    Me too hvnt faced any probs w this..

    @Rakshanda..Will def visit ur site soon...just gng a bit busy lately


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